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SharePoint Hybrid Sites and Search

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SharePoint Hybrid Sites and Search

This article is about SharePoint Hybrid Sites and SharePoint Hybrid Search and its Capabilities.

A hybrid environment can help your company to get started in the cloud, taking a initial step to explore the cloud functionality at own your own pace. It also allows enterprise users to be connected from almost anywhere to the resources and content they need.

When you are going add Office 365 to an environment where you’re already using SharePoint Server, by default there’s no integration between the two. With SharePoint hybrid features, you can attach the two environments together in a variety of ways to make a more seamless user experience.

SharePoint Hybrid Sites Redirection

  • Most of the SharePoint Hybrid Sites features make use of a technique called redirection. With redirection, users can attempt to access a service in SharePoint Server using site navigation, they are automatically redirected to the equivalent service in Office 365.
  • For instance, in a non-hybrid environment, when a user clicks OneDrive on a SharePoint Server site, they are taken to their SharePoint Server OneDrive for Business location. With hybrid OneDrive for Business, when a user selects OneDrive, they are taken to OneDrive for Business in Office 365.
  • Hybrid site following, hybrid OneDrive for Business, and hybrid profiles all utilize redirection to send users from on-premises SharePoint Server to the equivalent service in Office 365. The SharePoint Server On-premises services continue to function in the background and are accessible by users if they’ve bookmarked the URL.
  • When redirection is utilized, existing data in SharePoint Server is not automatically migrated to the equivalent Office 365 service. OneDrive Documents for Business and user profile information have to be manually migrated for each user, and SharePoint Server followed sites will have to be re-followed.

Hybrid sites features and OneDrive for Business

Hybrid features are put together to help ease deployment.

The two feature bundles are:

  • Hybrid OneDrive for Business
  • Hybrid sites features

SharePoint Hybrid Search

Hybrid search lets your users to search for documents and files across SharePoint Server and Office 365 at the same time. Depending on how you set your hybrid search, you can have only on-premises users search for content stored in Office 365, only users of online can search for content stored in SharePoint Server or both user groups search for content stored in the another environment.

There are two variants of hybrid search:

  • Cloud hybrid search
  • Hybrid federated search

With the cloud hybrid search solution for SharePoint that you have indexed all your crawled content including on-premises content, in your search index in Office 365.
When users enter a query in a search center they get results from the Office 365 search index and thus get search results both from on-premises and Office 365 content.

Hybrid federated search solution for SharePoint federate results from your search index in SharePoint Server and your search index in Office 365.
When users enter a query in a search center, they get results from the Office 365 search index and from the SharePoint Server search index and thus get results both from Office 365 content and on-premises.

  • Users get search relevance ranking, unified search results, and refiners even if your organization has a hybrid deployment with content both on-premises and in Office 365.
  • The users automatically get newest SharePoint Online search experiences without updating existing SharePoint servers.
  • Users can utilize cloud capabilities such as Office Delve also for your on-premises content.
  • No longer have to worry about the size of your search index, because of your search index is in Office 365. This means that the steps of your SharePoint Server search farm is smaller, and your total cost of ownership for search is lower.
  • You no longer have to migrate search index to a newest version of SharePoint because this happens automatically for you in Office 365.

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