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TIBCO Spotfire Retail Sales

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TIBCO Spotfire Retail Sales

With TIBCO Retail Sales, marketers and data scientists use sophisticated sets of historical data to identify actionable insights and build models that predict customers behavior, preference and potential over time.

TIBCO Retail Sales Customer segmentation, propensity-to-buy scoring, and A/B testing are just a few use cases that are made easy with TIBCO’s analytic tools.

Retail is now moving digital transformation. The important distinction is due to the ability to deliver the compelling customer experiences, create innovative and connected digital products and constantly optimize operations.

TIBCO Retail Sales Benefits

  • Optimize Inventory Cost and Delivery

We can reduce overhead with a real-time view of your supply chain. Inefficiencies are reduced as inventory is no longer over-brought, or under decreasing lost sales and product storage space.

  • Engage with Relevance in Real Time

Using data on their current patterns and past behavior, create a unique personalized experience for customers. Research shows the millennials 78% to prefer spend money on experiences rather than goods.

  • Use Mobile Beyond Point of Sale

Make mobile the core of the TIBCO Retail Sales customer journey, including before and after the sale for research, purchase coordination and follow-up. For upcoming two years, mobile e-commerce sales are expected to drastically increase.

  • Integrate Everything and Innovate

Connect the every enterprise from supply chain and planning through to omni-channel commerce and customer care.

  • Reduce Risk Fraud, and Hacking

Using predictive analytics and historical data, data scientists can build models to detect high risk and fraud. Tampering can be avoided, detected, and protected against with a combination of advanced analytics and API management.


  • Real-time Inventory Awareness

Visualizing inventory levels in real-time to immediately detect fraud, abnormalities and needs by location and take immediate action.

  • Predictive Analytics

Inventory models and Augment distribution with advanced predictive analytics and easy connections to R, PMML, H2O and SparkML.

  • AI-driven Visual Analytics

Augment sophisticated AI models with visually intuitive dashboards to unlock hidden relationships and patterns and easily share them.

  • Integration and Messaging

Remove walls between your channels of delivery like in-store, mobile or web for a seamless and powerful customer experience.

Leverage APIs to make digital assets available across every platforms and channels that drive customer engagement, smart retargeting, including recommendations, and personalized offers.

  • Points and Rewards

Develop a programs of reward, that is accessible from any device to incentivize customers and keep them loyal for your business.

Locus IT understands the unique requirements that are needed for Retail sales industries and provides TIBCO Retail support services, TIBCO Retail implementation services on the same. Our support staff are dedicated, experienced, and ready to respond quickly to your needs.

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