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Splunk For Retail Sales

Splunk For Retail Sales

Splunk Retail Sales software analyzes, visualizes and monitors machine data from any source—such as POS systems, applications and servers—to provide insights to IT and business operations on-premises and in the cloud.

Splunk Retail Sales can help you capture more revenue, fulfill orders accurately, improve your customers experience, strengthen your security posture and comply with PCI and EMV requirements.

E-commerce operations and Teams spanning store, IT and security can explore data through interactive, real-time dashboards to gain visibility across all of your operations, which is critical for omni-channel success. Support omni-channel strategies by evolving technologies, managing IT infrastructure and security.

Strengthen security, Streamline operations, deter fraud and demonstrate PCI compliance.  Improve the customer experience like quick spot sales trends and order issues.

Analyzing machine data and Harnessing, can elevate retail and luxury operational efficiency by:

  • By providing real-time insights the retail operations will prevent disruptions and increases revenue
  • Enabling a multi-channel, real-time view of customer engagement or behavior, to quickly identify and improve customer experiences, better brand image and NPS
  • Enriching machine data with contextual data like (e.g. weather data) and transactional data (CRM systems) to gain greater insights into customer buying journeys
  • By gaining real-time insights the performance of promotions is to understand the effectiveness
  • By delivering real-time insights into store performance is to maximize revenue opportunities
  • Protecting customer data and preventing security breaches
  • Providing real-time insights into complex business processes to track orders, fulfillment, inventory,  and shipment

A real-time analytics platform, such as Splunk, can provide retail and luxury brands scalable and flexible analytics of machine data generated by retail systems, including; in-store, web and mobile online, call center and CRM systems.

1. Omni-Channel Visibility

Get a full view of your overall operations across sales channels. Gain real-time insights into inventory levels, buying patterns, and supply chain status, so you can improve operational efficiency and productivity.

2. Customer Experience

Understand customer behavior in real-time including insights into campaign performance and click-stream analysis. so that you can deliver relevant paths and provides offers to purchase. Splunk software complements existing business analytics to provide cross-channel perspective, additional context, and real-time feedback for business and marketing teams.

3. Performance Up-time

Maximizing the up-time of your applications and systems is critical to business success. Get real-time alerts and monitoring to ensure up-time for store, mobile and web channels to increase profitability and improve business reputation.

4. Security and Fraud

Improved security posture, detect fraud and defend against data breaches by correlating and visualizing data to identify and investigate anomalies. Graphs, advanced charts, and dashboards help you respond to threats quickly and intelligently.

5. PCI Compliance

Protect sensitive data and streamline reporting on PCI compliance. Create reports and correlation rules  to identify insider threats or unauthorized access to PII. Automatically demonstrate compliance and identify areas of non-compliance.

Locus IT has worked with sales industries to develop, implement, and improve on their Analytics solution. We provide Retail Sales training, Retail Sales support, Retail Sales implementation using SplunkTableau and Tibco products.

For more information please contact us and we’ll be happy to consult with you to refine your current system or create a customized solution.

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