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SAS Omnichannel Retail Analytics

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SAS Omnichannel Retail Analytics

Omnichannel retail analytics has been about bridging all those digital and physical channels to recognize customers wherever they are, collecting data and understanding the retail customer’s purchasing journey. Your SAS Omnichannel Retail analytics strategy can be so much more. You can take all customer data and combine it with product data and apply analytics to:

  • Laser focus your marketing.
  • Optimize merchandising.
  • Adjust your supply chain.
  • Enhance store operations.
  • And even improve cybersecurity.

SAS Omnichannel Retail Analytics allows the retailer to apply analytics to every step of the customer journey. To be able to give that customer a much better experience, not just in terms of how we market, but also in terms of the ideal product assortment in each location, whether it be in-store or online.

SAS offers a wide variety of retail solutions that span the areas of merchandising, marketing, supply chain, store operations, and sales. These solutions are built on SAS omnichannel analytics supported by Intel architecture, the Hortonworks Data Platform and Hortonworks Data Flow.

Using data from multiple SAS omnichannels to improve every retail operations while it will also improves the customer experience. It’s accomplished through a analytical merchandising, strong data strategy,  intelligent marketing and an open ecosystem for analytics. SAS Omnichannel Retail allows the retailer to apply analytics to every step of the customer journey.

SAS omnichannel analytics throughout the retailer, connects each and every customer touch point to the retailer’s brand, enabling a 360-degree view of each customer to create more profitable omnichannel customer experiences.

SAS omnichannel analytics captures localized customer demand across multiple channels, powering precise and profitable marketing, inventory, assortment and store-level decisions. SAS provides a unique analytics shop that helps retailers make better decisions, increase productivity and profitability in every area of the retail organization.

SAS Omnichannel Retail Analytics Supports Unified Commerce

Omnichannel Retail Analytics provides a true unified commerce environment for retail and 85% of retailers state that creating a unified commerce environment is their top priority. Here’s some of what retailers can accomplish their goals with omnichannel analytics:

  • Laser focus your marketing by knowing how digital and physical channels affect one another, understanding customer uniqueness, building effective targeted marketing to cover millions of interactions and consumers each day.
  • Optimize merchandising by planning the business for higher profitability, by knowing what stores have similar product preferences, creating customer-centric assortments and knowing the right pricing strategy for each product life cycle.
  • Adjust your supply chain by ensuring the right levels of inventory, by knowing if promotions are effective across channels to predict and plan demand and know where to fulfill e-commerce orders to reduce shipping costs.
  • Enhance store operations by knowing what drives the customer’s path to purchase, and by quickly analyzing your business, communicating with customers in real time and determining optimal staffing and product placement to optimize productivity and increase sales.
  • Improve cybersecurity by quickly uncovering suspicious activities to protect customers, by knowing if your network is secure and minimize fraudulent activities and reduce losses.

SAS Omnichannel retail analytics provides a much more clear view of customer demand and the expanded customer buying journey. With this information, retail operations can achieve:

  • Enabling the business value creation and drive efficiency in all aspects of your business
  • Speed reporting cycles for more executive insights and timely decision making.
  • Create a culture of analytics with self-service tools
  • Improve customer satisfactions and experience in-store
  • Detect suspicious cyber activity and fraud
  • Calculate Risk

Omnichannel analytics is a seamless experience for the customer. We at Locus IT provide SAS Retail training, SAS Retail support, SAS Retail implementation services. For more information please contact us.

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