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SAP Sales Analytics Overview

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SAP Sales Analytics Overview

SAP Sales Analytics in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) helps organizations monitor and respond to needs in real time, forecast accurately, remain below budget, optimize resource alignment, and position the sales team to achieve revenue goals.

SAP offers a comprehensive portfolio of Sales Analytics solutions that can be used to access, analyze, format, explore, and share information.

Purpose of SAP Sales Analytics

The area Sales Analytics delivers analytical applications, Business Content, and tools that enable you to answer numerous business questions covering multiple aspects of sales and distribution:

  • The planning application Sales Planning assists you in planning, predicting, and simulating your sales figures and profits.
  • Sales performance analysis provides sales managers with cross-application analyses that are divided into the following four equally-weighted views: Finance View, Customer View, Internal View, and Employee View.
  • Pipeline analysis helps you analyze and predict the flow of opportunities, offers, and contracts, thereby enabling you to exploit anticipated sales opportunities with greater success.
  • Sales cycle analysis helps you derive insights about all aspects of your sales process across the entire sales cycle – from leads and opportunities through to sales order processing.
  • You can use the team performance analysis to determine the performance of your sales organization, distribution channels and sales areas. Moreover, you can quantify the return on investment (ROI) of your sales activities and promotions.

Features of SAP Sales Analytics

  • From a technical standpoint, the planning application Sales Planning is located in the component Business Planning and the Simulation in the SAP Strategic Enterprise Management. It is based on data stored in SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW).
  • You find comprehensive, predefined Business Content in SAP BW with which to perform the above analyses on the sales pipeline, the sales cycle and the results of the sales team.
  • The Business Content includes basic InfoCubes for the following objects in SAP CRM as well as MultiProviders that combine the objects and make it possible to perform analyses across all of them.

You can consider the following SAP-CRM objects:

  • Opportunities
  • Sales orders
  • Contracts
  • Activities

Using BI for SAP CRM in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

  • The enterprise data warehouse capabilities in SAP NetWeaver provide tools for maintaining and defining the data warehousing platform and tools for end-user interaction. For instance, the BEx (Business Explorer) provides flexible reporting and analytics tools for strategic and multi-dimensional OLAP data analysis.
  • The BI Content for sales analytics in SAP CRM offers a pre-configured set of information models for the tasks of the roles in business of sales professionals.

Ad hoc Sales Analyses Using Interactive CRM Reporting 

  • Interactive dashboards and reports in SAP CRM can be used to perform ad-hoc analyses in real time. Interactive reports are suitable for scenarios analysis in which a separate BW system is not available or for analyses of a limited data volume where obtaining information quickly is of importance than the amount of information that is analyzed.
  • Interactive CRM Reporting is recommended when it is in online, real-time SAP CRM data and only CRM data is needed, with short reporting timeframe, such as weeks, days, or months.
  • A highly intuitive report creation wizard is added in the easy to use end-user interface. In general, interactive reports allows for navigating from the tables or charts to the corresponding overview pages.

Ad-hoc Analyses Using BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

  • With SAP BusinessObjects through web Intelligence customers can setup self-service access to information through intuitive analyses. It is developed for users who need to ask and answer their own questions.
  • Users can start using well understood, business terms to build analyses or use an existing report and simply modify it to serve specific questions. Interactivity is provided through filtering, sorting, ranking, or calculations.

Management Reporting Using BusinessObjects Crystal Reports

  • Using BusinessObjects Crystal Reports fits best where questions are predefined and the structure of answers is well known in advance.
  • Here the majority are information consumers or business users requiring just snapshots of business activities.

Xcelsius Dashboards for Sales Analytics

SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise provides important business information for decision makers in summarized views by intuitive usable, interactive visual models, quickly to understand and to act upon.

Data Exploration with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

  • With SAP BusinessObjects Explorer an intuitive with self-service data exploration is available in one product. For instance, you can enter a few search keywords to find the most relevant information instantly from across all data sources.
  • Additionally, you can automatically generate the chart that optimally shows the information and uses a highly visual data exploration. No prior data knowledge is required.

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