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Microsoft Dynamics Retail Data

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Microsoft Dynamics Retail Data

Microsoft Dynamics Retail data covers a very broad scope, so there will be a huge range of analytical possibilities. Some of the most popular areas would include:

  • Shopper Segmentation

Identifying groups of shoppers who behave in same ways, for instance their brand preferences, price sensitivity, response to promotions etc. using transactional basket-level data

  • Category Development

Determining growth and decline of product categories, using internal trading data and external market data, including identifying new product niches (Example: coffee pods, within the established coffee category) or entirely new categories (Eg: protein supplements)

  • Range Selection in Dynamics Retail Data

Planning, measuring and adapting product range for optimum performance (Example: profitability, market share etc.), using long term sales data and often utilizing the Shopper Segmentation to identify important niche products within a strategic Category Development plan

  • Dynamics Supply Chain Optimization

Planning and managing the flow of goods from suppliers, through depot networks, into stores and onto shelves – using long-term sales data and short-term stock to derive Dynamics Retail Sales and order forecasts, often shared with suppliers

  • Promotional Analytics

Exploring shopper (segment) response to promotions, enabling optimization for profit, market share, (own) brand penetration etc. using daily (or hourly) store sales

  • Waste Reduction

Analyzing rate of sale by store, against case size and shelf life, in order to identify product/store combinations which cannot sell complete cases within shelf life – causing unnecessary waste and markdown, damaging profitability

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Data “Power of Choice” features

  • Omni-Channel Management
  • Modern Point of Sales (POS)
  • Store Operations
  • Merchandising
  • eCommerce
  • Customer Care
  • Social Commerce
  • Order Management
  • Replenishment
  • Global Reach and Scalability
  • Financial Management

Locus IT combines the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Retail with a business centric approach to replace disparate systems and helps deliver businesses from the midsize retailer to the conglomerate in many kind of industries a unified view for the organization.

We provide Dynamics Retail support, Dynamics Retail implementation, Dynamics Retail migration, Dynamics Retail Upgrade, Dynamics Retail Training, Dynamics Retail Staffing. If you have questions about how Microsoft Dynamics Retail can address and solve your challenges, please reach out to us.

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