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IBM Cognos Sales Analytics

This article is about IBM Cognos Sales Analytics and its overview

Executive and sales professionals are challenged as never before to proactively assess sales performance and respond more quickly to existing and emerging revenue opportunities.

Unpredictable and fast changing markets and increased competition add unprecedented complexity to identifying sales opportunities, devoting appropriate resources, and building and exploiting sustainable sales pipelines for top and bottom line growth.

Faster Insight and Smarter Sales Decisions

  • CSO Insights, a sales consulting company, reported in its most recent annual survey of 1,800 firms that the percentage of salespeople failing to hit their sales quota rose from 38.8% to 41.2% last year.
  • Beyond revenue attainment, respondents said inconsistent sales performance was also a major challenge, with the top 20% of sales reps generating 61.5% of revenue.
  • The implications are significant for revenue starved and cash strapped organizations, extending well beyond sales executives to finance, marketing and product development stakeholders, among others.
  • A reliable and consistent way of assessing pipeline and overall sales performance, for example, enables organizations to improve the forecasting and budgeting process, something Jack Welch calls the most ineffective practice in management.
  • Part of the answer to selling smarter lies in a clear line of sight on sales performance, one which extends from the rep to the customer to the actual order.
  • IBM Cognos 8 Customer Performance Sales Analytics provides sales executives and managers with the ability to more proactively assess sales performance, accelerate sales cycles and respond more quickly to new revenue opportunities.

IBM Cognos 8 Customer Performance Sales Analytics is a packaged BI application with configured reporting and analysis that enables you to answer key sales questions using the following business drivers:

  • Increase revenue by creating accurate customer profiles to help sales reps close larger deals faster
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy with historical analysis of pipeline performance across different products and channels
  • Drive more efficient deal flow by ensuring that sales processes and policies allow for efficient delivery to customers and support functional objectives and strategy
  • Accelerate sales cycles by more effectively planning, and managing and monitoring programs that effectively grow your market share
  • Track sales force performance to streamline the sales cycle and increase conversion rates

Value for IBM Cognos Sales Analytics

  • IBM Cognos 8 Customer Performance Sales Analytics helps organizations take a wider view of sales productivity and performance, with deeper, accelerated insight into existing and emerging revenue opportunities.
  • Unlike our competitors, we provide sales professionals with a highly adaptable, historical and integrated view of their department’s performance. This helps them quickly identify opportunities, accelerate their sales cycles, increase revenue generation and grow their business.
  • Unlike more broadly targeted BI solutions that typically require extensive customization before they can be leveraged by sales professionals within their specific roles, IBM Cognos 8 Customer Performance Sales Analytics is a packaged
    solution that dovetails cleanly into the day-to-day sales workflow.
  • It provides an easy-to-use approach to reporting that recognizes that most executives and sales professions are new to BI solutions. Standardized reporting and built-in analytics allow sales executives to more effectively manage their sales cycles.
  • Seamless, integrated data access reaches across and into previously disparate data repositories and ensures sales professionals spend more time assessing their data and less time trying to gain access to it.

IBM Cognos 8 Customer Performance Sales Analytics provides easy-to-use packaged reports and analysis that can source critical information from multiple data sources in the following areas:

Sales Pipeline Performance:

Assesses the velocity and efficiency of sales cycles through a historical analysis of pipeline stages, conversion rates and transaction volumes

Sales Force Performance:

Evaluates sales performance and shapes sales strategies by finding out how various parts of the organization – regions, sales offices, and sales reps – are meeting revenue, volume, and margin expectations

Sales Segmentation:

Provides an in-depth analysis of different channel, customer and product revenue streams

Customer Relations:

Increases your understanding of customer buying patterns and product returns

Pricing and Program Performance:

Delivers insight into the effectiveness of marketing and sales programs, as well as the impact of pricing discounts

Accelerating Sales Cycles

  • IBM Cognos 8 Customer Performance Sales Analytics optmizes sales productivity by giving executives and their managers the clearest possible window into what’s happening, what isn’t and why.
  • The solution enables sales professionals to more strategically assess pipeline and salesforce performance. As organizations increasingly look to their sales organizations to drive more revenue, greater insight is key to improving salesforce effectiveness and efficiency.
  • By allowing your people to rapidly and thoroughly analyze sales data from a broad range of sources and without requiring IT intervention IBM Cognos 8 Customer Performance Sales Analytics gives them a clear advantage in identifying opportunities and accelerating sales cycles

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