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ERP Project Management Consulting

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ERP Project Management Consulting

ERP Project Management Consulting is key to a successful enterprise software implementation. Locus IT recommends the establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO is responsible for managing the resources and the plan and will report directly to an executive steering committee.

The project team – both vendor and client – report to the PMO hence the team members are responsible for completing their tasks according to the plan. Locus IT’s ERP Project Management Consulting Services are designed to support the entire scope of the project including:

  • The quality of all deliverable’s and timeline
  • Accountability of all resources, budget and timeline
  • Escalation of issues
  • Proactive management of project risks that impact your business

Locus IT’s ERP Project Management Consulting Services

The following make up Locus IT’s Project Management Services:

  •  Project planning
  •  Organizing roles and responsibilities
  •  Scheduling
  •  Reporting requirements
  •  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) data conversion plans
  •  Communication and reporting
  •  Weekly meeting management
  •  Issues log
  •  Project budget
  •  Project reports
  •  Steering committee meetings
  •  Project monitoring
  •  Issue resolution
  •  Budget
  •  Vendor performance
  •  Core team performance

Our Project Managers utilize Locus IT’s ERP project management methodology and their own ERP implementation experience to deliver successful projects.

Our methodology has  been developed and refined over many implementation projects and is a proven and repeatable process that can be adapted to each client’s business model.

Locus IT’s ERP Project Management Consulting Benefits

Our professional Business Consultants are experienced in organizing your goals and providing unique strategies so that businesses like yours may leverage their resources to reach the top.

  • Software Selection

Improvement in your business time to select or implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Sales Force Automation (SFA), or similar solutions from requirements definition through vendor negotiation.

  • Business Process Review

Thorough review of your business processes by skilled IT and Business Consultants to eliminate process inefficiencies and improve productivity.

  • ERP Implementation

Personalized Project Management and Implementation of ERP Solutions through contemporary technologies to streamline daily business processes.

  • IT Strategy Development

Individualized IT Expert assistance in creating an effective IT strategy as your business extends into the quickly growing digital world.

  • Support

Individualized, affordable, online or on-site technical support from a Locus IT Professional for your business on a temporary or part-time basis.

Locus IT‘s ERP Project Management Services do not displace the vendor project manager, nor does the vendor project manager displace the need for a Client project manager. Our services are designed to support the client’s responsibilities throughout the implementation. For more information, please contact us.

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