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Zoho Analytics is a very good tool for analysis and knowledge maintenance. CRM Analytics is a powerful way for view and analyze data to meet business needs. With this tool you can get reports in graphs, tables, numbers, geographic maps and many more means. Zoho’s data representative feature helps with data preparation and management.

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This course is designed to help you learn deep concepts in ZohoAnalytics to become an Expert. The course covers deeper concepts in data source management, data modeling and preparation, advanced visualization techniques, predictive analytics, administrative capabilities, and much more.

ZohoAnalytics platform is very simple and easy to run, I must thank to the user interface team who have made a great user -friendly interface that makes this platform easy to use.

Topics :

1. ZohoAnalytics Basic Concepts

2. ZohoAnalytics Report Types

3. Zoho Analytics Dashboard

4. ZohoAnalytics Views

5. ZohoAnalytics API

6. Report Settings

7. Zohoanalytics Data Sources

8. Query Tables

9. Data Import and Export

10. ZohoAnalytics Terminology


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