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    Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) software tool that allows DevOps teams to automate infrastructure provisioning using reusable, shareable.

    Course Content 

    1- Introduction to Terraform

    • What is Terraform?
    • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concept
    • Terraform’s features and benefits


    • Install Terraform on your local machine and verify the installation.
    • Create a simple Terraform configuration file and initialize a new Terraform project.

    2- Getting Started with Terraform

    • Installing Terraform
    • Initializing a Terraform project
    • Terraform configuration files (.tf files)
    • Basic Terraform commands


    • Define a provider configuration for a AWS
    • Create S3 Bucket using Terraform.

    3- Building Infrastructure with Terraform

    • Provider and resource configuration
    • Defining infrastructure resources
    • Resource dependencies and ordering
    • Terraform variables and data types


    • Define dependencies between resources using Terraform.
    • Use Terraform variables to parameterize your configuration.

    4- Terraform State Management

    • Understanding Terraform state
    • Local and remote state backends
    • Locking and concurrency considerations
    • Managing Terraform state files


    • Configure a remote state back-end (S3) and store your state remotely.
    • Lock and unlock Terraform state to prevent concurrent modifications.

    5- Working with Modules

    • Introduction to Terraform modules
    • Creating and using modules
    • Module variables and outputs
    • Re-usability and module best practices


    • Create a reusable module for a specific infrastructure component (AWS VPC)
    • Use the created module in a different Terraform project to provision infrastructure.

    6- Terraform Configuration Syntax

    • HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language) syntax
    • Terraform blocks, arguments, and expressions
    • Conditional expressions and loops
    • Terraform functions and built-in variables


    • Write conditional expressions in your Terraform configuration file.
    • Utilize Terraform functions to perform transformations or calculations.

    7- Managing Terraform Workspace

    • Workspace concept and usage
    • Creating and switching between workspace
    • Sharing state between workspace
    • Workspace considerations and limitations


    • Create multiple workspace and switch between them for different environments (e.g., development, production).
    • Share state between workspace by using data sources.

    8- Terraform Plan and Apply

    • Understanding the plan and apply workflow
    • Generating and reviewing a Terraform execution plan
    • Applying changes to infrastructure
    • Destroying resources and clean up


    • Generate a Terraform execution plan and review the proposed changes.
    • Apply the changes to provision or modify infrastructure resources.

    9- Terraform Provisioners and Modules

    • Provisioning resources with Terraform
    • Provisioner types and configuration
    • Remote and local execution
    • Using provisioners within modules


    • Use provisioners to run scripts or configuration management tools on provisioned resources.
    • Implement a module that incorporates provisioner to automate resource configuration.

    10- Terraform Cloud and Enterprise

    • Introduction to Terraform Cloud
    • Terraform Cloud features and benefits
    • Setting up a workspace in Terraform Cloud
    • Collaboration and team workflows


    • Set up a workspace in Terraform Cloud and link it to a version control repository.
    • Configure remote execution of Terraform runs and trigger them from Terraform Cloud.

    11- Troubleshooting and Debugging

    • Understanding Terraform error messages
    • Debugging Terraform configurations
    • Troubleshooting common issues
    • Working with Terraform logs and diagnostics

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