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    TeamConnect allows businesses to collaborate across teams, create contract templates, configure approval processes and track workflows via reminders. Click Here To Get More

    Course Content


    • Basic overview of TeamConnect
    • TC User Accounts and Group Accounts
    • Types of Contacts and its system fields
    • Application access
    • TC Rights and Security
    • Pre-configured user group rights


    • Understanding different types of objects
    • Create and modify categories.
    • Phases and Phase Transitions
    • Assignee Roles
    • Add different types of custom fields.
    • Object views


    • Lookup Tables
    • Search View functionality
    • Discussion on Types of Rules
    • Validation Rules and object navigator
    • Prepopulation Rules and Templates

    Module -4

    • Security, Audit rules
    • How to create invoices and send them to workflow for approval.
    • Approval rules and how to create routes.


    • Home Pages and Portal Panes
    • Global Navigation bar
    • Demo on creating custom Action rule
    • Logging System and User Activities


    • User Invoke Rule
    • Create a Task and appointment record and set all its system fields 4x APIs
    • Create an Invoice record and set all it system fields through code.


    • Create a rule for searching of records for both system as well as custom objects.
    • Setting different criteria’s for search using 4x APIs
    • Use of parameters in code


    • Embedded Objects
    • Child Objects
    • How to add embedded through code
    • Wizards


    • Admin Setting
    • User Preferences
    • Involved Parties
    • How to create Budgets

    Module -10

    • Budget Setting
    • Account Types and its posting criteria
    • Invoice posting on accounts


    • Creation of Custom Blocks using XML
    • How to add custom fields in custom block
    • Screen Designer Tool


    • How to use class in Custom blocks
    • How to call java methods in CJBs
    • How to add conditions in Cjbs


    • Purpose of Post Commit rules
    • How to add categories and custom field values via custom action rules
    • Any additional purpose of Custom Action rules


    • How to add loops in CJBs
    • Record Level Security


    • Scheduled Action rules
    • Purpose of SA rules
    • How to create SA rules


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