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Tableau is a software company that offers collaborative data visualization software for organizations working with business information analytics. Organizations use Tableau to visualize data and reveal patterns for analysis in business intelligence, making the data more understandable.

Training Mode: Online


Tableau Course Content:

a). Introduction and Overview

1. Why Tableau? Why Visualization?

2. Level Setting – Terminology

3. Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly

4. The Tableau Product Line

5. Things you should know about Tableau

b). Getting Started

1. Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concept

2. Working with data files versus database server

3. Understanding the Tableau workspace

4. Dimensions and Measures

5. Using Show Me!

6. Tour of Shelves (How shelves and marks work)

7. Building Basic Views

8. Help Menu and Samples

9. Saving and sharing your work

c). Analysis

1. Marks

2. Size and Transparency

3. Highlighting

4. Working with Dates

5. Date aggregations and date parts

6. Discrete versus Continuous

7. Dual Axis / Multiple Measures

8. Combo Charts with different mark types

9. Geographic Map Page Trails

10. Heat Map

11. Density Chart

12. Scatter Plots

13. Pie Charts and Bar Charts

14. Small Multiples

15. Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data

16. Analyzing

17. Sorting & Grouping

18. Aliases

19. Filtering and Quick Filters

20. Cross-Tabs (Pivot Tables)

21. Totals and Subtotals Drilling and Drill Through

22. Aggregation and Disaggregation

23. Percent of Total

24. Working with Statistics and Trend lines

d). Getting Started with Calculated Fields

1. Working with String Functions

2. Basic Arithmetic Calculations

3. Date Math

4. Working with Totals

5. Custom Aggregations

6. Logic Statements

e). Formatting

1. Options in Formatting your Visualization

2. Working with Labels and Annotations

3. Effective Use of Titles and Captions

4. Introduction to Visual Best Practices

f). Building Interactive Dashboard

1. Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard

2. Making your worksheet interactive by using actions and filters

3. An Introduction to Best Practices in Visualization


For more inputs on Tableau you can connect here.
Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.


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