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Tableau enables businesses to make decisions using the data visualization features available to business users of any background and industry. A business intelligence dashboard, or BI dashboard, is a data visualization and analysis tool that displays on one screen the status of key performance indicators.

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Tableau for business intelligence enables businesses to make decisions using the data visualization features available to business users of any background.

Tableau for Business Intelligence Objectives :

a). Master the latest Tableau software for use in a professional business environment.

b). See course description for all technical skills taught

Requirements :

a). An installed copy of tableau public or desktop. Course covers v9 to 2019 of tableau.
b). All data is provided in the course.

a). Introduction to Tableau

1. Installing Tableau

b). Building a Viz

1. Build a Bar Chart

2. Adding Colour & Filters

3. Adding Tooltips & Formatting

4. Build a Box & Whisker Plot

5. Build a Text Table

6. Build a Dual Axis Map

7. Scatter Plots & Clustering

8. Connect to New Data

9. Build a Tree Map

10. Build a Stacked Bar

c). Become the Apprentice

1. Connect to the Data

2. Time Series

3. Dual Axis Charts

4. Master reference lines

5. Trend and Forecasting

6. Groups & Sets

d). Leveraging Data

1. Joining Data

2. Data Blending

3. Table Calculations & Calculated Fields

4. Table Calculation Functions

5. Gantt Chart

6. Parameters – Select Measures

7. Global Filters and Parameters

8. Parameters – Dynamic Reference Lines

e). Know the features

1. Context Filters

2. An Intro to Dashboards

3. Story Boards

4. Hierarchies & Organising Data Fields

5. Bins

6. Pivot

7. Window Calculations & Bollinger Bands

f). Become the Hero

1. Dashboard Formatting

2. Dashboard Design

3. Navigating with Actions


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