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This 9-hour course is designed for Splunk administrators. It covers topics and techniques for troubleshooting a standard Splunk distributed deployment using the tools available on Splunk Enterprise.

Training Mode: Online


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    Splunk architect the ability to deploy, manage and troubleshoot complex Splunk Enterprise environments. It  is a database system designed for extracting structure and analyzing machine-generated data and takes in data from other databases, web servers, networks, sensors, etc. and then it offers services to analyze the data, and produce dashboards, graphs, reports, alerts, and other visualizations It is mainly used for monitoring and searching through big data.  The windexes and correlates information in a container that makes it searchable, and makes it possible to generate alerts, reports and visualizations.

    It is commonly used for information security and development operations, as well as more advanced use cases for custom machines, Internet of Things, and mobile devices. Most organizations will start using Splunk in one of three areas: IT operations management, information security, or development operations (DevOps).

    Components : 

    1. The forwarder,
    2. The indexer,
    3. The search head.

    Course Outline:

    1 – Splunk Support Model

    a). Support resources

    2 – Splunk Troubleshooting Methods and Tools

    a). Troubleshooting approach

    b). Diagnostic resources and tools

    3 – Clarifying the Problem

    a). Deployment topology

    b). Index-time pipeline

    c). Metrics.log

    4 – Installation, Licensing, and Crash Problems

    a). Installation issues

    b). License issues

    c). Crash issues

    5 –  Splunk Architects Configuration Problems

    a). Input issues

    b). Monitoring console

    6 – Search Problems

    a). Search issues

    b). Job inspector

    7 – Deployment Problems

    a). Forwarding issues

    b). Deployment server issues

    8 – User Management Problems

    a). Users and role capabilities

    b). Directory integration issues

    9 – Upgradation activity

    10 – Certification Renewal


    For more inputs on Splunk you can connect here.
    Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.


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