Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online




    1- Introduction to Snowflake

    • Key Concepts & Architecture
    • Supported Cloud Platforms
    • Supported Cloud Regions
    • Snowflake Editions
    • Snowflake Releases
    • Overview of Key Features
    • Overview of the Data Lifecycle
    • Continuous Data Protection

    2- Connecting to Snowflake

    • Snowflake Ecosystem
    • Snowflake Partner Connect
    • General Configuration (All Clients)
    • SnowSQL (CLI Client)
    • Connectors & Drivers

    3- Loading Data into Snowflake

    • Overview of Data Loading
    • Summary of Data Loading Features
    • Data Loading Considerations
    • Preparing to Load Data
    • Bulk Loading Using COPY
    • Loading Continuously Using Snowpipe
    • Loading Using the Web Interface (Limited)
    • Querying Data in Staged Files
    • Querying Metadata for Staged Files
    • Transforming Data During a Load

    4- Unloading Data from Snowflake

    • Overview of Data Unloading
    • Summary of Data Unloading Features
    • Data Unloading Considerations
    • Preparing to Unload Data
    • Unloading into a Snowflake Stage
    • Unloading into Amazon S3
    • Unloading into Google Cloud Storage
    • Unloading into Microsoft Azure

    5- Using Snowflake

    • Classic Web Interface
    • New Web Interface
    • Virtual Warehouses
    • Databases, Tables & Views
    • Queries
    • Binary Data
    • Date & Time Data
    • Semi-structured Data
    • Snowflake Time Travel & Fail-safe
    • Continuous Data Pipelines
    • Database Replication and Failover/Failback

    7- Sharing Data Securely in Snowflake

    • Introduction to Secure Data Sharing
    • Overview of the Product Offerings for Secure Data Sharing
    • Granting Privileges to Other Roles
    • Working with Shared Data
    • Secure Direct Data Share
    • Snowflake Data Marketplace
    • Data Exchange

    8- Managing Your Snowflake Organization

    • Introduction to Organizations
    • Getting Started with Organizations
    • Managing Accounts in Your Organization
    • Understanding Organization and Account Names

    9- Managing Your Snowflake Account

    • Account Identifiers
    • Trial Accounts
    • System Usage & Billing
    • Parameter Management
    • User Management
    • Behavior Change Release Management

    10- Managing Security in Snowflake

    • Summary of Security Features
    • Authentication
    • Networking & Private Connectivity
    • Administration & Authorization

    11- Managing Governance in Snowflake

    • Summary of Governance Features
    • Column-level Security
    • Row-level Security
    • Access History

    12- Developing Applications in Snowflake

    • Download and Install the SnowSQL CLI Client
    • Create a Virtual Warehouse, Sample Database, and Table Using SnowSQL
    • Load and Query Data Using SnowSQL
    • Use Python with Snowflake

    13- Managing Your Snowflake Account

    • System Usage & Billing
    • Understanding Snowflake Credit and Storage Usage
    • Understanding Snowflake Data Transfer Billing
    • Monitoring Account-level Credit and Storage Usage
    • Working with Resource Monitors
    • Parameter Management
    • User Management
    • Monitoring and Status Page for Snowflake
    • Managing Multiple Snowflake Accounts

    14- Managing Your Snowflake Account (Reference Material)

    • Enabling Data Sharing Within Your Modern Data Architecture
    • Integrating and Streaming Data
    • Integrating Data Into Snowflake Batch and Streaming
    • How to Ingest Streaming Data Continuously Using Snowpipe
    • Get the Most Out of Snowflake’s Partner Ecosystem
    • Data Warehouse Modernization
    • Getting Started With Snowflake – The Architecture
    • Micro Partitions The Secret to Zero-Copy Cloning, Time Travel, and Continuous Data Protection
    • Snowflake Optimizer and Query Profile
    • Elasticity, Concurrency & Cost Control in Snowflake
    • Migrating to Snowflake with Zero Disruption
    • Snowflake Your Data Fast, Easy BI with Snowflake
    • Get the Most Out of Snowflake for BI and Analytics
    • Data and Decision Science at Scale Technology and Culture Shift
    • How to Move from HIVE Hadoop Spark Infrastructure to Snowflake
    • Discover Insights from Your Snowflake Usage Data
    • Rapid Scaling with Snowflake
    • Beyond the Data Warehouse
    • Snowflake as a Data Lake
    • Overview of AI, ML, and Data Science in the Snowflake Ecosystem
    • Many Pools to Just One Modern Data Lake
    • Deep Dive on Multi-Cloud External Stages in Snowflake
    • Snowflake Coding Standards
    • Snowflake Best Practices
    • Snowflake Reference Architectures
    • Use Cases – Snowflake Implementations


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