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Sisense is a leading business intelligence (BI) software that offers a host of benefits to its users. Sisense Fusion, uses AI and ML to analyze data. This platform allows users to customize their analytics dashboards and data visualization by industry and also by a user’s role within a business, respectively.

Training Mode: Online


Objectives :

a). SiSense BI Dashboard Development.
b). SiSense Elastic Cube Manager and DataModel Building
c). SiSense Server Console to handle the Elastic Cubes and configure the Reload jobs for Sisense Dashboards.
d). How to use SQL script effictively in the Elastic Cube Manager Data Model Building, everything is covered from the scratch including the SQL functions & Joins.
e). SiSense Filters , Custom SQL Expressions, SiSense Lookup function etc.
f). After Completion of this Course, you will become professional SiSense BI Developer.

Requirements :

a). No Prerequisites needed, It is beginner friendly and no knowledge needed on other BI tools.

b). Every thing used in this course is free version and Sisense software needs to be downloaded from the official site.

c). I have created a clear video in downloading the software and documentation.

d). All the topics will be covered from beginner to advanced (Sisense SQL scripting, Elastic Cube Manager, Server console, Web app)

1.  SiSense Introduction, Installation, Overview and Architecture

a). SiSense Installation and Documentation.

b). SiSense Overview

c). SiSense 3 layer Architecture

2. SiSense Data Modeling with SQL from Scratch

a). Custom SQL Expressions in SiSense Scripting

b). SiSense SQL Inner Join

c).  SiSense SQL Left Join

d). SiSense SQL Right Join

e). SiSense SQL Full Join

f). SiSense SQL Union

3. Advanced Data ETL Transformation 

a). Advanced SiSense SQL methods

b). Advanced ETL transformations

c). Advanced Date Transformations

d). Advanced Custom Fields

e). Advanced Custom Flags

f). SiSense Lookup function

4. SiSense Frontend Dashboard Development

a). SiSense Pivot Chart

b). SiSense Bar Chart

c). SiSense Bar Chart Advanced

d). SiSense PIE Chart

e). SiSense Line Chart

f). SiSense Area Chart

g). SiSense Tree Chart Map

h). SiSense Scatter Map

i). SiSense GMAPS Tree Chart

j). SiSense Sunburst Chart

k). Advanced Gauge Chart

l). SiSense Polar Chart

m). SiSense Scatter Chart

n). Advanced Pivot Chart

5. SiSense Filters and Pulse

a). SiSense Filters

b). SiSense Pulse KPI’s

6. Exporting and Importing Data files and handling garbage tables in the data model

a). Importing Exporting data files .ecube, .ecdata, .dash

b). Dropping the Garbage tables

c). SiSense Administration


For more inputs on SISENSE Bussiness Development tool for Dashboard Development you can connect here.
Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.


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