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    Course Content

    1-Getting Started with SAS

    • Introduction to SAS programs
    • Submitting a SAS program
    • How to Execute SAS program
    • Mastering fundamental concepts
    • Diagnosing and correcting syntax errors

    2-Getting Familiar with SAS Data Sets

    • Examining descriptor and data portions
    • Accessing SAS data libraries (SET)
    • Accessing relational databases (IMPORT CSV, EXCEL)
    • EXPORT the Data

    3-Reading SAS Data Sets

    • Introduction to reading data
    • Using SAS data as input
    • Sub-setting observations and variables
    • Appending a data set
    • Merging data sets one-to-one

    4-Combining SAS Data Sets

    • Splitting and joining strings (TRIM, SCAN)
    • Splitting and joining strings (concatenate, substr)
    • Character function (uppercase, lowercase, proper-case)
    • Compress and Compbl function
    • Max function
    • Min function
    • Ranuni function
    • Date Function (datediff)
    • Itnck Function
    • Itnx Function

    5-Mathematical and Statistical function in SAS

    • Proc Means (Mean, Mode, Median, Variance, Standard Deviance)
    • Proc Univariate (Descriptive Statistics)
    • Proc Freq(creating Reports)
    • Tabulate


    • Bar and pie charts
    • Scatter charts
    • Column chart
    • Creating plots
    • Enhancing output

    7-Data Transformations

    • Manipulating character values
    • Manipulating numeric values
    • Converting variable type

    8-Decision making

    • DO-loop processing
    • SAS array processing
    • Using SAS arrays
    • IF_THEN_ELSE function

    9-Restructuring a Data Set

    • Rotating with the DATA step
    • Using the TRANSPOSE procedure
    • Revise Whole Base SAS

    Advance SAS

    10-Controlling I/O

    • Controlling I/O Processing and Memory
    • Controlling data set size
    • Compressing SAS data sets
    • Controlling memory
    • Controlling the page size and the number of available buffers
    • Introduction to lookup techniques
    • In-memory lookup techniques
    • Using formats as lookup tables
    • Using a picture format
    • DATA step merges and SQL procedure joins
    • Using an index to combine data

    11-Introduction to Lookup Techniques

    • Combining summary and detail data
    • Combining data conditional
    • Introduction to SQL joins
    • Complex SQL joins
    • Setting SQL procedure options

    12-Introduction to the Macro

    • Macro Variables
    • Macro functions
    • Global and local symbol table
    • Call SYMPUT
    • Introduction to set operators
    • The EXCEPT operator

    13-Set Operators 

    • The INTERSECT operator
    • The UNION operator
    • The OUTER UNION operator

    14-Revise Whole Advance SAS


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