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    SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) is a native SAP HANA solution that maintains and executes complex calculations, rules and simulations. With no set data model, it is highly flexible and enables you to create high-speed profitability and cost analysis with minimal IT involvement.

    Course Content

    1- Introduction and Overview SAP Profitability and Performance Management 

    • Explain SAP-sd Profitability and Performance Management
    • Provide an overview of concepts and applications

    2- Allocation Models on SAP

    • Employ strategies of model configuration
    • Explain the building block approach
    • Facilitate implementation by using the sample content
    • Introduce “The Biker’s Dream Ltd.”

    3-The Model

    • Use the environment function and the calculation unit function
    • Implement functions for data source integration
    • Implement functions for data import
    • Create functions for source data collection and enrichment
    • Implement functions for calculations


    • Explain management accounting
    • Explain the allocation function

    5-Processes, Integration, Implementation, and Management

    • Use processes and event management
    • Explain integration opportunities
    • Manage, maintain, monitor, and optimize the installation
    • Explain further details

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