Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online




    Course Overview

    1: Getting Started with SAP Analytics Cloud

    • Lesson: Navigating in SAP Analytics Cloud
    • Lesson: Managing Files
    • Lesson: Using SAP Analytics Cloud Terminology

    2: Establishing Data Sources and Connections

    • Lesson: Explaining Data Sources and Connections
    • Lesson: Creating Insights Using Live Data

    3: Using Modelling

    • Lesson: Explaining Modelling Options
    • Lesson: Exploring Live Models and Import Models

    4: Using Basic and Advanced Stories

    • Lesson: Viewing and Interacting with a Story
    • Lesson: Building Simple Stories
    • Lesson: Scripting Advanced Stories

    5: Using Planning

    • Lesson: Describing Planning Features

    6: Using Basic Augmented Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud

    • Lesson: Exploring the SAP Analytics Cloud AI Functionality for
    • Augmentation

     7: Using Collaboration Features

    • Lesson: Providing Feedback Using Discussions and Comments
    • Lesson: Using the SAP Analytics Cloud Calendar

    8: Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud Planning

    • Lesson: Describing SAP Analytics Cloud Planning

    9: Planning in Stories

    • Lesson: Managing Versions
    • Lesson: Adding New Dimension Members from Data Tables
    • Lesson: Planning in Data Tables
    • Lesson: Distributing Data with Planning Panels

    10: Configuring Data Actions

    • Lesson: Configuring Data Actions
    • Lesson: Building Advanced Formula Data Actions
    • Lesson: Creating Dynamic Data Actions and Tables
    • Lesson: Configuring Multi Actions
    • Lesson: Managing Data Action Performance

    11: Allocating Planning Data

    • Lesson: Outlining the Concept of Allocations
    • Lesson: Creating Allocation Processes
    • Lesson: Creating Data Action Allocations
    • Lesson: Performing Allocations

    12: Translating Currencies for Planning

    • Lesson: Configuring Currency Translation
    • Lesson: Performing Currency Translation

    13: Forecasting and Simulating Planning Data

    • Lesson: Configuring Rolling Forecast Layouts
    • Lesson: Forecasting with Predictive Analytics
    • Lesson: Simulating with Value Driver Trees

    14: Coordinating and Controlling Processes

    • Lesson: Auditing Planning Data
    • Lesson: Validating Planning Data Input
    • Lesson: Controlling Data Access with Data Locking
    • Lesson: Using Calendar Processes


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