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    Course Outline
    • Introduction to QlikSense, history, features and
    • QlikSense QlikView.
    • QlikSense product offerings and User
    • QlikSense Architecture and Multi-tier
    • Starting QlikSense, getting familiar with the
    • Basic Layout and Navigation
    • Visualizations dashboard to get a feel of UI in


    2. Sheets And Chart Objects
    • Creating Your Workspace, creating your First
    • Sheet
    • Introduction to Script
    • Introduction to various steps to load data from different data
    • Introduction to Data
    • Introduction to sections in script editor, using multiple sections to segregate your
    • Introduction to
    • Loading your first
    • Sheet Objects, creating list boxes and making


    3. Data Modeling
    • Script
    • Introduction to Load statements and adding more QVDs and building data
    • Edit Script
    • Edit Script Menu
    • Statements
    • Introduction to QlikSense statements, keywords, fields,
    • Naming conventions and colour
    • Differences between star schema and snowflake
    • Introduction to Data Model
    • Embedding business logic in your data
    • Creating your first
    • Chart nuances and
    • Making Analysis
    • More List
    • Designing your
    • Setting various user preferences and
    • Loading more QVDs and creating


    4. Data Sources
    • Script
    • Creating a connection to the
    • Creating different types of
    • Reading the access
    • Creating select
    • Reading tables into
    • Scripting considerations and Data
    • Synthetic key, how to remove
    • Circular references, Causes of circular references and their
    • Loosely Coupled


    5. Styling up Building Dashboards
    • Deciding and creating a
    • The DAR
    • Creating different charts using available
    • Introduction to charting in
    • Creating Bar chart, straight tables, line charts, Combo
    • Expression Overview
    • Introduction to other QlikSense objects and charts, Current
    • Creating Scatter charts, pie charts, gauge charts, text
    • Creating
    • Creating Data


    6. Scripting
    • Renaming fields by Alias and by using the Qualify
    • Generating data in the QlikSense
    • Resident
    • Inline
    • AutoGenerate
    • Mapping Using ApplyMap() to lookup values.
    • Joins and concatenating
    • Advanced scripting
    • Cleaning up the table
    • Creating calendar
    • Using total qualifier and Aggr


    7. Security and Set Analysis
    • Primer on QlikSense Security
    • Using include statement to include external script files and config
    • Setting up section access and restricting access to document
    • Hiding data, data reduction using section
    • Set
    • Syntax and
    • Using set analysis to define data
    • Dynamic set
    • Using variables in set analysis, Dollar sign
    • Point in Time
    • Benefits of set
    • Miscellaneous

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