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    Python test Automation  is one of testing teams favorite programming languages. It has multiple features that make it suitable for automated testing. For example, you can benefit from Python’s dynamic typing but also make use of checkers like Pyre for static typing. Python test automation  is easy to learn and can also be used for complex problems.

    Course Content 

    1-Introduction to Python

    • Python Intro
    • Python Syntax, comments, variables, data types
    • Python lists, tupes, sets, dictionaries
    • Python conditional, loops and functions
    • Python classes/Objects

    2-Intro to Python Testing

    • What are unit tests and why they are important?
    • What is Test Driven Development (TDD)
    • Using Python’s built-in framework
    • Intro to PyUnit
    • Intro to pytest
    • Intro to doctest

    3-How to Perform Testing (Hands on Case-Study)

    • Common unit testing problems
    • Framework API, Assertion
    • Framework Test Discovery
    • Skip Test
    • Exceptions Test
    • Time Test
    • Signal Handling


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