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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a platform of cloud services that enable you to build and run a wide range of applications in a highly-available, consistently high-performance environment.

Training Mode: Online


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Course Contents

 1: Course Introduction

a). Introduction

2: OCI Introduction

a). OCI Overview
b). OCI Architecture

 3: Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account

a). Demo: Oracle Cloud Free Tier Sign-up
b). Demo: OCI console walk-through
c). Demo: Setting up your tenancy
d). Demo: MFA and Budget setup

4: Identity and Access Management

a). IAM Introduction
b). AuthN AuthZ
c). Compartments
d). Demo: IAM
e). IAM Summary
f). Hands-On Activity: IAM
g). Content Link

 5: Networking

a). VCN Introduction
b). VCN Routing
c). VCN Security
d). Demo: VCN
e). Demo: Creating an Instance
f). Load Balancer
g). Demo: Load Balancer
h). Networking Summary
i). Hands-On Activity: Networking

6: Compute

a). Compute Introduction
b). Instance Basics
c). Scaling
d). OS Management Service
e). Demo: Getting Started with Cloud Shell
f). Demo: Creating an Instance
g). Compute Summary

7: Storage

a). Storage Introduction
b). Object Storage
c). Demo: Object Storage (Part 1)
d). Demo: Object Storage (Part 2)
e). Block Volume
f). Demo: Block Volume
g). File Storage
h). Migration Services
i). Storage Summary

8: Database

a). Database Introduction
b). Autonomous DB
c). Demo: Autonomous Data Warehouse
d). DB Systems
e). MySQL
f). NoSQL
g). Database Summary

9: Security

a). Security Introduction
b). Cloud Guard
d). Security Zones and Security Advisor
e). Demo: Security Zone and Security Advisor
f). Vulnerability Scanning
g). Vault
h). Web Application Firewall
i). Bastion
j). Security Summary

10: App Dev

a). App Dev Introduction
b). Resource Manager
c). Demo: Resource Manager
d). Functions
e). Demo: Functions
f). OKE
g). OCIR
h). API Gateway
i). App Dev Summary

11: Observability and Management

a). Observability and Management Introduction
b). Monitoring
c). Demo: Monitoring
d). Demo: Notification and Events
e). Logging
f). Logging Analytics
g). Observability and Management Summary

 12: Analytics and AI

a). Analytics and AI Introduction
b). Data Integration
c). Data Flow
d). Data Catalog
e). Data Science
f). Analytics and AI Summary

13: Hybrid

a). Hybrid Introduction
b). Dedicated Regions
c). Oracle Cloud VMware Solution
d). Hybrid Summary

14: Governance and Administration

a). Pricing
b). Cost Management
c). Demo: Cloud Advisor and Cost Management
d). Tagging
e). Governance and Administration Summary

15: SLA and Support

a). SLA
b). Support


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