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NumPy is a very popular python library for large multi-dimensional array and matrix processing, with the help of large collection of mathematical functions. NumPy arrays form the core of nearly the entire ecosystem of data science tools in Python.

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    NumPy arrays have a fixed size at creation, unlike Python lists. Changing the size of an ndarray will create a new array as well as delete the original. The elements in a NumPy array are all required to be the same data type, and thus will be the same size in memory.

    Objectives :

    a). Basics of Numpy, Arrays, Lists.
    b). Accessing/Changing Specific Elements, Rows, Columns, etc
    c). Initializing Different Arrays (1s, 0s, full, random, etc)
    d). Basic Mathematics (arithmetic, trigonometry, etc.)
    e). Linear Algebra and Statistics
    f). Reorganizing Arrays
    g). Load data in from a file
    h). Advanced Indexing and Boolean Masking

    1. Introduction of Python

    2. NumPy and its Applications

    a). Tour

    b). Documentations

    3. Basics of NumPy

    a). Initializing an array

    b). Datatypes

    4. Accessing / Changing Specific Elements, Rows and Columns,etc.

    a). Accessing/Changing Specific Elements

    5. Initializing Different Arrays( 1s, 0s, Full, Random)

    a). Initializing Different Arrays

    6. Basic Mathematics ( Arithmetics, Trigonometry, etc.)

    a). Basic Mathematics

    7. Linear Algebra and Statistics of Python

    8. Reorganizing Arrays

    9. Python Load Data in from a file

    a). Load data

    10. Advanced indexing and Boolean Masking


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