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Weka Machine Learning Algorithms. Weka has a lot of machine learning algorithms. This is great, it is one of the large benefits of using Weka as a platform for machine learning and it is a down side that it can be a little overwhelming to know which algorithms to use, and when.

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    Machine Learning with Java and Weka Objective :

    a). Create a data product using Weka and Java

    a). Introduction

    1. Data Mining Process
    2. Dataset
    3. Split Training and Testing Dataset
    4. Create Java Applications in Netbeans with Weka
    5. Simple Linear Regression
    6. Linear Regression using Weka and Java
    7. KMeans Clustering
    8. KMeans Clustering using Weka and Java
    9. Agglomeration Clustering
    10. Agglomeration Custering in Weka and Java
    11. Decision Tree Algorithm: ID3
    12. Decision Tree Algorithm: ID3 using Weka and Java
    13. KNN Classification
    14. KNN Classification using Weka and Java
    15. Naive Bayes Algorithm
    16. Naive Bayes Algorithm using Weka and Java
    17. Neural Network
    18. What Algorithm to use?
    19. Model Evaluation using Weka and Java


    a). Computer Skills, Java Programming
    For more inputs on Machine Learning with Java and Weka you can connect here.
    Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.


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