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    Kubernetes administration, have  responsibilities involve designing and implementing solutions to leverage a Kubernetes cluster, configuring hardware, peripherals, and services, managing settings and storage, deploying cloud-native

    Course Content 

    1- Cluster Architecture, Installation & Configuration

    • Manage role based access control (RBAC)
    • Use Kubeadm to install a basic cluster therefore, Manage a highly-available Kubernetes cluster
    • Provision underlying infrastructure to deploy a Kubernetes cluster
    • Perform a version upgrade on a Kubernetes cluster using Kubeadm
    • Implement etcd backup and restore

    2-Workloads & Scheduling

    • Understand deployments and how to perform rolling update and rollbacks
    • Use ConfigMaps and Secrets to configure applications
    • Know how to scale applications
    • Understand the primitives used to create robust, self-healing, application deployments and then understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling
    • Awareness of manifest management and common templating tools

    3-Services & Networking

    • Understand host networking configuration on the cluster nodes
    • Understand connectivity between Pods moreover Understand ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer service types and endpoints
    • Know how to use Ingress controllers and Ingress resources therefore, know how to configure and use CoreDNS
    • Choose an appropriate container network interface plugin


    • Understand storage classes, persistent volumes
    • Understand volume mode, access modes and reclaim policies for volumes
    • Understand persistent volume claims primitive
    • Know how to configure applications with persistent storage


    • Evaluate cluster and node logging moreover Understand how to monitor applications
    • Manage container stdout & stderr logs
    • Troubleshoot application failure and then Troubleshoot cluster component failure
    • Troubleshoot networking Please Visit Kubernetes Official Site:



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