Duration: Hours

IBM Watson is a data analytics processor that uses natural language processing, a technology that analyzes human speech for meaning as well as syntax. It performs analytics on vast repositories of data that it processes to answer human-posed questions, often in a fraction of a second.

Training Mode: Online


IBM Watson Objectives :

a). Cognitive Computing and how Watson changes the game
b). Capabilities of the Watson API and how to choose the best features for your task
c). Building your own Customer Care chatbot using the Watson API
d). Extract metadata from text using Watson
e). Using Watson to get insights into the personality of your users
f). Watson as an enabler for improving Customer Experience by providing better solutions.
g). Using Watson for Computer Vision tasks and Visual Recognition to easily detect images.

1. Introduction to Cognitive Computing and Watson

a). The Course Overview

b). Review of Cognitive Concepts

c). Structure of a Cognitive System

d). Watson – Your Next AI Platform

2. Overview of Watson APIs

a). REST Diagram

b). Watson APIs

3. IBM Watson for Building Chatbox

a). Watson Assistant Training

b). Introduction to Discovery Service

c). Build Your Own Chatbox

4. IBM Watson for Understanding Text

a). Natural Language Understanding

b). Enrichments in Discovery Service

c). Find Insights from Unstructured Data

5. IBM Watson for Better User Engagement 

a). Personality Insights

b). Sample Use Cases

6. Watson for Computer Vision

a). Understanding Visual Recognition

b). Standard Model

c). Creating Custom Models


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