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Docker is a software platform that simplifies the process of building, running, managing and distributing applications. Docker is a company which provides a set of tools for building and sharing container images, and running containers at both small and large scale.

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Who Should Attend?

This hands-on course is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to manage and deploy applications using containers and the Docker platform and Docker fundamentals.

Docker Training Course Outline

1. Introduction

a). IT Trends – High Availability, Continuous Integration and Deployment

B). Modern Software Architecture

c). Service Oriented Architecture

d). Microservices and Stateless Services

e). Containers and Virtualization

f). Security

2. Docker Fundamentals

a). Container Environments

b). Docker

c). Docker Architecture

d). Managing Containers

e). Inspecting Containers

f). Interacting with Running Containers

3. Docker Images and Repositories

a). Building Docker Images

b). Installing Sample Containers

c). Docker Build Files

d). Passing Parameters to Build Files

e). Container Build Process

f). Build File Layers

g). Building and Running the Image

h). Container Registries

i). Docker Hub

j). Docker Compose

k). Docker Volumes and Use Cases

l). Other Docker Commands

4. Docker Configuration Management

a). Configuration Management

b). DevOps Repositories

c). Branching Strategies

d). Docker and Git Integration

e). Excluding Files from Docker Builds

5. Docker Orchestration

a). Why Orchestration?

b). Container Orchestration Stack

c). Kubernetes Architecture

d). Swarm Architecture

e). Swarm vs. Kubernetes

f). Docker Swarm

6. DevOps and Docker

a). What is DevOps

b). Identify Friction and Overlap points in Development

c). Anatomy of a Pipeline

d). DevOps Evolution

e). DevOps Tools

f). Docker and DevOps

g). Jenkins

h). Ansible

7. Security and Docker

a). Docker Security Architecture

b). Linux Kernel Security and Docker Daemons

c). Docker Container Capabilities

d). Docker Content Trust Verification

e). Secure Use of Docker


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