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This course provides the key concepts of the data virtualization architecture needed for management, planning, design and implementation of this kind of architectures.

Training Mode: Online



Basic knowledge of HTML, relational database and Structured Query Language (SQL) and a basic knowledge of programming are required. Basic knowledge of the Java programming language, JDBC and Web services are required.

1. Introduction to Denodo Platform

2. Virtual DataPort architecture

3. Virtual DataPort basic concepts

4. Introduction to the Virtual DataPort Administration Tool

5. Importing data sources and creating base views with Virtual DataPort

a). Data Sources: Relational databases (JDBC, ODBC), Web services, XML, JSON, delimited files, LDAP

b). Creating base views

6. Creation of derived views and queries with Virtual DataPort

a). Derived view types (union, join, selection, projection, aggregation, flatten, …)

b). Additional concepts

7. Publication of views as Web services

8. VQL (Virtual Query Language)

9. Advanced view management

a). Query capabilities

b). Query optimization

c). Internationalization and cache

d). Views configuration

e). Interfaces and top-down development

f). Data governance

10. Development best practices

a). Version Control Integration

b). Error analysis

c). Virtual DataPort performance optimization

11. Introduction to custom functions

12. Introduction to stored procedures

13. User administration in Virtual DataPort

a). Role management

b). User management

c). Database management

d). Security

e). Cache

14. Governance and data lineage

15. Server and user administration in Virtual DataPort

a). Server configuration

b). Monitoring

c). High availability

16. Updating the Denodo Platform

17. Backup and migration best practices

18. Monitoring and error analysis

19. Scheduler. Architecture.

20. Scheduler Administration Tool, jobs, handlers


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