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CouchDB is an open source NoSQL database based on common standards to facilitate Web accessibility and compatibility with a variety of devices. NoSQL databases are useful for very large sets of distributed data, especially for the large amounts of non-uniform data in various formats that is characteristic of big data.

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    1. Introduction

    • Describes the evolution of CouchDB
    • Overview of document-oriented databases and their need
    • Explains the various components

    2. Installation

    • Describes the steps for installation of Couch DB on linux operating system
    • Explains the pre-requisites to be fulfilled for installation
    • Describes the procedure for building from it’s source code

    3. Initials

    • Explains various applications to connect to CouchDB
    • Describes views management commands for CouchDB

    4. Administering

    • Illustrates the usage of futon interface and tools
    • Explains the procedure to create database and documents
    • Explains the process of implementing replication, compaction and bulk data import or export.

    5. JSON

    • Explains the usage of JSON in CouchDB for designing and defining documents and views


    • Explains the procedure of using futon for defining views and implementing permanent views
    • Illustrate the definition of views using the API
    • Explains the aggregation functions, ordering and filtering results in view results

    7. Map/Reduce

    • Explains the need and advantages of using Map/Reduce
    • Describes the steps to interface Map/Reduce with futon interface

    8. Deployment

    • Explains the use of performance monitoring by stats URI
    • Explains the implementation of backup and security
    • Describes configuration  for clustering, fault tolerance and load balancing

    9. Development

    • Describes CouchApp usage for applications
    • Explains the process of interfacing programming languages and CMS with CouchDB


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