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Chef is an open source cloud configuration management and deployment application. It manages Linux, Windows, mainframe and several other systems.

Training Mode: Online


Prerequisites for Chef

  • Using Virtual Machines for Chef Automate and Chef Infra Server
  • Boot Virtual Machines for Chef Automate and Chef Infra Server
  • Manage Virtual Machines of Chef Automate and Chef Infra Server

1. Introduction to Chef

a). Infrastructure Management

b). What is Capacity Planning?

c). Major Capacity Planning Tools/Services

d). Understanding Capacity Planning

e). Calculating Percentile

f). What is Provisioning?

g). Major Provisioning Tools/Services

h). What is Deployment?

i). Major Deployment Tools

j). Benefits of Automated Deployment

k). Understanding Deployment Matrix

l). App Service

m). Data Service

n). What is Chef?

o). History of Chef

2. Key Components in Chef

a). Chef Automate

b). Chef Infra Server

c). Chef Workstation

d). Chef Infra Client

e). Chef Cookbook

f). Chef Node

3. Overview of Chef

a). Architecture of Chef-managed Deployments

b). Chef Infra Server

c). Chef Manage

d). Chef Workstation

e). Chef Node

f). Chef Infra Client

g). Chef Cookbook

h). Chef vs Ansible

4. Chef Automate

a). What is the Purpose of Chef Automate?

b). Install Chef Automate

c). Significance of Chef Automate Programs

d). Configure Chef Automate

e). Understanding Chef Automate System Paths

f). Create API Token in Chef Automate

g). Manage Chef Automate

5. Chef Infra Server

a). What is the Purpose of Chef Infra Server?

b). Install Chef Infra Server

c). Significance of Chef Infra Server Programs

d). Configure Chef Infra Server

e). Configure Chef Infra Server to Send Data to Chef Automate

f). Understanding Chef Infra Server System Paths

g). Manage Chef Infra Server Using Chef Automate

h). Add Chef Infra Server

i). Add Organization of Chef Infra Server

j). Manage Chef Infra Server

6. Chef Manage

a). What is the Purpose of Chef Manage?

b). Install Chef Manage

c). Significance of Chef Manage Programs

d). Configure Chef Manage

e). Understanding Chef Manage System Paths

f). Manage Chef Manage

7. Chef Workstation

a). What is the Purpose of Chef Workstation?

b). Install Chef Workstation

c). Significance of Chef Workstation Programs

d). Configure Chef Workstation

e). Understanding Chef Workstation System Paths

f). Do’s and Dont’s with Chef Workstation

8. Chef Cookbook

a). What is the Purpose of Chef Cookbook?

b). Structure of Chef Cookbook

c). Writing Chef Cookbook

d). Manage Chef Cookbooks

e). Do’s and Dont’s with Chef Cookbook

9. Chef Data Bag

a). What is the Purpose of Chef Data Bag?

b). Create Chef Data Bag

c). Manage Chef Data Bags

10. Chef Environment

a). What is the Purpose of Chef Environment?

b). Create Chef Environment

c). Manage Chef Environments

11. Chef Role

a). What is the Purpose of Chef Role?

b). Create Chef Role

c). Manage Chef Roles

12. Chef Node

a). Understanding Deployment on Chef Nodes

b). Using Docker Containers as Chef Nodes

c). Boot Chef Nodes

d). Bootstrap Chef Nodes

e). Bootstrap Workflow in Chef Node

f). Trigger Deployment on Chef Nodes

g). Manage Chef Nodes


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Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.


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