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Architect course, you will learn to design and also build robus ML -based applications that operate in real-world environments. You’ll learn the fundamentals of ML models and how to automatically create models within your business.

Training Mode: Online



– Get ready to design and build robust Machine Learning-based applications that operate in real-world environments.


– You need to pass the BigML Certified Engineer course in order to enroll in the BigML Certified Architect course.

1. Machine Learning Engineering

a). Real-world Machine Learning

b). Building end-to-end Machine Learning applications

c).How to size and address your project

Premature optimization is the root of all evil in Machine Learning as well.

Automating the automatable.

2. Machine Learning Workflows as Predictive Models

a). Models complexity

b). Memory requirements

c). Predictions time lapse

d). Combined models as a new model

3. Integrating ML in the Data Pipeline I

a). Immediately actionable models: The Dashboard

b). Local or remote

c). Model export and packaging: Up or Down

d). Models called from third part applications: Zapier

e). Models embedded in third part applications

4. Integrating ML in the Data Pipeline II

a). Single model, time-sensitive predictions

b). Local memory management

c). Predict Server

5. Integrating ML in the Data Pipeline III

a). Multiple models, batch predictions

b). Retraining and monitoring workflows

c). Client versus server complexity

6. Models in IoT

a). BigML Node-RED

7. Machine Learning End-to-End Applications I

a). Tailored ML apps

b). Acquiring and defining the data entities

c). Storing modeling workflows

8. Machine Learning End-to-End Applications II

a). Data shift monitoring

b). Retraining and monitoring workflows


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