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    An Azure architect isĀ a specialised cloud architect for developing solutions for Microsoft Azure cloud. The Azure architects understand all phases of a software project life cycle along with its detailed technical implementation, management, and team roles.

    Course ContentĀ 

    1: Create Azure App Service web apps

    • Explore Azure App Service
    • Configure web app settings
    • Scale apps in Azure App Service
    • Explore Azure App Service deployment slots

    2: Implement Azure functions

    • Explore Azure Functions
    • Develop Azure Functions
    • Implement Durable Functions

    3: Develop solutions that use Blob storage

    • Explore Azure Blob storage
    • Manage the Azure Blob storage life cycle
    • Work with Azure Blob storage

    4: Develop solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB

    • Explore Azure Cosmos DB
    • Implement partitioning in Azure Cosmos DB
    • Work with Azure Cosmos DB

    5: Implement infrastructure as a service solutions

    • Provision virtual machines in Azure-fundamentals
    • Create and deploy Azure Resource Manager templates
    • Manage container images in Azure Container Registry
    • Run container images in Azure Container Instances

    6: Implement user authentication and authorization

    • Explore the Microsoft identity platform
    • Implement authentication by using the Microsoft Authentication Library
    • Implement shared access signatures
    • Explore Microsoft Graph

    7: Implement secure cloud solutions

    • Implement Azure Key Vault
    • Implement managed identities
    • Implement Azure App Configuration

    8: Implement API Management

    • Explore API Management

    9: Develop event-based solutions

    • Explore Azure Event Grid
    • Explore Azure Event Hubs

    10: Develop message-based solutions

    • Discover Azure message queues

    11: Instrument solutions to support monitoring and logging

    • Monitor app performance

    12: Integrate caching and content delivery within solutions

    • Develop for Azure Cache for Redis
    • Develop for storage on CDNs



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