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    ABBYY isĀ a platform that offers a variety of tools targeted to process and content intelligence. Process intelligence is the analysis of data related to the individual steps and procedures within a business process.

    Chapter 1:

    • Introduction to ABBYY Flexi Infrastructure Requirements.
    • Technical Requirements

    Chapter 2:

    • Architecture of ABBYY Flexi
    • ABBYY Flexi Capture setup.

    Chapter 3:

    • Introduction to Flexi layout studio,
    • Project setup station,
    • Document definition,
    • Verification

    Chapter 4:

    • Flexi layout studio
    • Search Elements
    • Blocks
    • Create Alternate
    • Import alternate
    • Export afl

    Chapter 5:

    • Document Definition
    • Import afl
    • Configuration for each of
    • Business Rules on each field using C#.
    • Export Profile
    • Publishing Document

    Chapter 6:

    • Project Setup
    • Configuring import profile (Hot folder).
    • Batch
    • Field Level
    • Classification Batch
    • Publishing Project to

    Chapter 7:

    Administration and Monitoring console

    • Introduction to Administration and Monitoring
    • Permissions for the users
    • Enabling Hot folder
    • Deleting Project
    • Status of page utilization

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