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SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals

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SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals

In this Article, we are going to discuss about SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps your organization to ensure strategy and goal alignment, continuously improve workforce performance through feedback and coaching, and accurately evaluate and recognize top talent.

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals can help you to sustain a competitive advantage by developing an all-in workforce with performance improvement, strategy and goal alignment, and recognition of top talent.

Key Features of SAP SuccessFactors

1. Powerful Goal Management

  • Develop goals with recommendations from the Goal Library of more than 500 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals.
  • Continuously update the success probability, employee effort, and comments with features like Mobile Goal Management.
  • Managers can get more control over goal execution with the ability to set cascading goals and see individual, team, or company-wide progress.

2. Continuous SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management

  • Stimulate continuous dialogue and feedback between employees and managers to help them have more structured conversations about how to align and improve performance.
  • Employees can keep managers up-to date on activities that they were working on specific to goals, and the progress they are making.
  • Managers can track work progress against goals and provide employees simple feedback and coaching. HR’s can track whether one-on-ones are happening and provide managers guidance on effective coaching.
  • With Continuous SAP Performance Management, employees can track and update managers on their Activities and Topics for more meaningful one-on-ones.


  • Keep managers up-to date on activities that they are working on specific to goals, what their priorities are and the progress they are making.
  • Share and Request and real-time feedback from peers on achievements.
  • Now you can capture live summary of achievements to discuss during one-on-ones and more easily prepare for the more formal performance assessment.


  • Track team’s progress against goals, To make sure they are working on what matters and easily provide actionable feedback.
  • Access activities, feedback and achievements to hold more effective performance check-ins when meeting face-to-face with employees.
  • Share coaching, placing emphasis on what employees have done well and what they can do to improve their future performance.

HR Leaders:

  • Track often one-on-ones happen in your organization, and remind employees and managers to not forget to hold them regularly.
  • Guide managers to provide simple and effective performance coaching.

3. Accurate SAP SuccessFactors Performance Assessments

  • Get quality reviews and increase completion rates by providing a simple and engaging experience.
  • Capture a complete and more balanced view of employee performance with Ask for Feedback and 360 Reviews.
  • By eliminating writer’s block and it provides more meaningful feedback with Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor.
  • Identify bottom and top performers based on their individual competencies with Team Rater and Team Overview, and ensure fact-based performance and pay decisions with Calibration.
  • Reduce risk of using inappropriate language in review’s by using Legal Scan.
  • It’ll ensure objective, fact-based decisions around performance and compensation with Calibration.
  • Performance review forms will display a comprehensive performance summary showing the feedback captured on Achievements.

You can effectively managing employee performance has never been more critical. Your organization faces limited budgets and fierce competition, and must execute with razor-sharp focus or be left behind. To succeed, you need a workforce like Performance Management system along with the Performance Management Cycle that clearly understands the strategic business objectives and can quickly adjust course as business needs evolve.

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of some of the most well-known industries and the particular challenges that exist in that industry. We provide services like Performance Management migration, Performance Management support and can help you design a solution using proven tools that meet your specific needs, streamlining operations, and increasing profit.

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