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Oracle Performance Management

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Oracle Performance Management

This topic discusses about the steps that you must complete to use Oracle Performance Management.


You must install Oracle HRMS, and Oracle Self-Service HR before implementing Oracle Performance Management.

1. Licensing Information for Oracle Performance Management

If you purchased a Self-Service HR license and have an Oracle Human Resources (HR) license, you can use Oracle Performance Management. The purchase of a Self-Service HR license does not permit the use of Performance Management. You must have a separate Performance Management license in addition to an Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR) license to use the following features:

  • Workforce Performance Management includes Objectives Management
  • Appraisals
  • Questionnaire Administration

2. Set Up Oracle Talent Management

You must define qualifications and competencies required for Performance Management.

3. Set Up Workforce Performance Management

The Workforce Performance Management function enables enterprises to set worker objectives that are aligned with the business goals and strategy.

4. Set Up Appraisals

From the appraisal process, you can assess a worker’s competencies and objectives and identify development opportunities for the next appraisal period.

Using the Required Questionnaire Administration Module

Oracle Performance Management provides the Questionnaire Administration modules that are available with HR Professional responsibilities by default:

  • Questionnaire Administration (HR_QUEST_ADMIN_SS)
  • Questionnaire Administration – New (HR_QUEST_ADMIN_NEW_SS)

You can use the relevant Questionnaire Administration module which depends on your business requirements.

5. Set Up International Calendars (If Required)

The calendar in the Date Picker shows the Gregorian calendar by default. You can enable the Hijrah or Thai Buddhist calendar by defining the following profile options as required:

  • FND: Forms User Calendar: Choose a preferred calendar.
  • FND: Week Start Day Calendar: Choose the first day of the week.

Note: Setting up these profile options not only impacts the date picker fields but also impacts on the read-only date fields. Every date fields in the application will display the date format based on the profile definitions.

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