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What’s New in MS Dynamics 365 for Field Service?

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What’s New in MS Dynamics 365 for Field Service?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service empowers organizations to move from being reactive to providing proactive or predictive field service, and to embrace new business models such as outcome-based service or anything-as-a-service.

MS D365 for Field Service is an end to end solution that can assist your organization manage complex service agreements, track assets and inventory, manage service orders, quickly identify and dispatch resources and gain the intelligence needed to provide predictive and preventive service and support.

MS Dynamics 365 for Field Service Features

1. Embedded IoT

  • Embedded IoT Visualizations

After an IoT alert is received, the alert needs to be diagnosed. Measurement data from Azure IoT is available to be related to and used throughout field service.

  1. The current state of the asset or device is the first step to understanding the alert. The current heartbeat with ability to view multiple measurements and adjustable time window will be shown.
  2. The next level of analysis is to view the history and trending of measurements from the asset. This helps to understand if there are isolated events, or part of a pattern or trend. This will include an adjustable time scale.
  • Device Commands

When an alert is diagnosed, in some cases the alert can be resolved by sending a command to the device. The Field Service application includes the capability to categorize devices and define commands that can be sent to any device within the category. Commands can be originated in field service and executed on the device through IoT Central.

The command payload is sent from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service application to IoT Central using flows (based on Microsoft Flow templates). After sending a command, the result can be monitored using the IoT visualizations.

  • Connected Field Service Solution in Field Service 7.5 release

Previously for customers using Field Service version 7.5, installing Connected Field Service and IoT solution was an additional step through Microsoft AppSource. With this release, Connected Field Service and IoT solution with the Field Service solution is included, allowing customers to easily onboard the IoT capabilities and improve deployment time.

2. Scheduling Capabilities

  • Variable Resource Location (optimization)

Transform your operation with support for staffing your team in different locations on different days. Based on the customer demand, you may need to send resources to different areas. These might be local areas, or even outside the country or region.

Variable resource location optimization enables setting start and end locations for a technician on a daily basis, which can be done by a service manager, dispatcher, or another employee.

  • Optimization Insights

Service managers and dispatchers are responsible to assure resources are being effectively scheduled and also to assure scheduling results are consistent with their business goals.

This feature provides an insightful Power BI-based analytical dashboard to show optimization summarization and statistics for simple run or across multiple runs to help business evaluate optimization results, measure scheduling objectives and resource usage and more.

  • Optimization Objective for As Soon As Possible (ASAP)

Occasionally, there might be more resource capacity than there is demand for resources (for example, work orders). In these circumstances, there is a business decision about whether to fully book some resources or leave resources with some capacity as a contingency for emergency or unplanned work.

The latest release enables a new objective for As Soon As Possible (ASAP), so that organizations can choose and rerank with other scheduling objectives to balance the need to reserve some capacity with the need to keep the resources busy all day.

With Dynamics 365 for field service solutions from Locus IT, you can create a customer service that spans multiple channels, maximizes your employees efficiency and exceeds customer expectations. For more information, please contact us.

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