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Power Platform 2019 Wave 2 Release Notes

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Power Platform 2019 Wave 2 Release Notes

The Power Platform 2019 Wave 2 Release Notes delivers significant improvements across the features below to enable app makers to build superior apps more efficiently while supporting more progressive enterprise and administrator requirements.

The Power Platform release plan (formerly release notes) for the 2019 release wave 2 describes all new features releasing from October 2019 through March 2020 for PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow.

Power Platform 2019 Wave 2 Release Notes Overview

The Microsoft Power Platform enables users and organizations to analyze, act, and automate on the data to digitally transform their businesses. The Power Platform today is comprised of three products – Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow.

1. PowerApps
  • For PowerApps, this release wave includes major improvements to enable app makers to build higher-quality apps more easily while still supporting more advanced enterprise and administrator requirements.
  • Improvements in PowerApps focus not only on introducing capabilities but also on simplifying existing concepts to improve maker and end-user productivity in PowerApps and Dynamics 365 apps built upon the Unified Interface.
  • PowerApps makers can now create a powerful new type of experience called PowerApps Portals, which are web portals that surface data stored in Common Data Service to employees or users outside their organizations.
2. Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Flow is introducing smarter and more powerful experiences in three key areas.
  • Flow makers get smarter and more powerful experiences.
  • Users of flows can leverage world-class business process capabilities, including working with business processes offline.
  • Finally, there is now much richer tooling for administrators, such as PowerShell cmdlets and the new Power Platform Admin center.
3. AI Builder
  • AI Builder (preview) is a brand-new Power Platform capability for teams with the business expertise to easily automate processes and predict outcomes to improve business performance.
  • AI Builder is a turnkey solution that brings the power of Microsoft AI through a point-and-click experience and is directly integrated into PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.
4. Power BI
  • Power BI simplifies how organizations derive insights from transactional and observational data.
  • It helps organizations create a data culture where employees can make decisions based on facts, not opinions.
  • For the upcoming release, Power BI is investing in four key areas that drive a data culture: intuitive experiences, a unified BI platform, big data analytics, and pervasive artificial intelligence (AI).
5. Data Integration
  • Data integration gives built-in connectivity to the Power Platform and more, with data across hundreds of business systems, enabling rich and intelligent experiences.
  • The Common Data Model offers the semantic consistency for canonical business entities across Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service, increasing value and saving time for application developers, ISV partners, and integrators.

This release plan describes functionality that may not have been released yet. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship.

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