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Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Services

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Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Services

For companies considering upgrading, Locus IT offers an in-depth Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade assessment that can help you evaluate the benefits and considerations of upgrading.

During our assessment, we take a fresh look at your organizations processes to ensure they are still relevant and we assess your current IT landscape to look for areas where we can leverage your existing IT investments or identify systems that can be removed by upgrading. Afterward, we provide our recommendations and methods to streamline operations and reduce wasteful spending.

Why Choose Locus IT for Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade Services?

  • Cutting-Edge Business Assessments

Locus IT helps you determine if upgrading is the right choice for your company. We define the benefits, assess your current processes and evaluate your IT landscape to ensure you get the most from your upgrade.

  • Better Organizational Visibility

Our deep-rooted industry expertise equips the upgrade team to help you gain useful insights across your organizations finance, operations, sales, customer service and supply chain departments.

  • Digital Transformation

Leverage your Dynamics upgrade to support your digital transformation. We don’t just implement software, we show you how to get the most out of your Dynamics investment.

Why Upgrade?

  • If you pay enhancement fees to Microsoft, you are fully authorized to be using the latest version of your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. Get your money’s worth!
  • Upgrading permits you take advantage of new features that were added with the feedback that you and users like you, have provided to Microsoft.
  • If you are not on one of the two most latest versions of your Microsoft Dynamics solution, you are not covered by Microsoft’s mainstream support.
  • Upgrading is a good time to eliminate your on-premise server costs by executing your upgrade in the cloud.
  • Commencing an upgrade is a good opportunity to re-orient yourself with your Microsoft Dynamics software through training. Make sure that you’re using best practices, and explore the additional software modules you may want to use.

Our team will not only help you define a path for upgrading, we’ll also provide guidance on additional steps you can take to use these systems to streamline operations, deliver insights and bring value to your company.

Ultimately, Locus IT‘s upgrade approach gives you an opportunity to utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions to gain and grow a competitive advantage. We will work with you hand in hand to determine the best upgrade opportunities for your business.

Get in touch with us to schedule an upgrade consultation. Together, we will assess your business pain points, establish goals and discuss how to improve your companies day to day operations.

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