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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support

The role of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support is vital to the success of an installation both pre and post implementation.

Dynamics NAV 2018 brings in technology that fosters your business growth with the features that speed up the business processes with automated document management and approvals, simplifying supply chain and manufacturing operation, and by bringing greater control over financials to small and medium businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Support for Your Business Operations

We possess the business, technical and accounting expertise to support you, beyond your software needs.

  • Business analysis support through report creation
  • Business process automation support

At Locus IT, we believe our services are as critical to your success as choosing the right software, and we strive to provide services of the same caliber as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

When you Locus IT to design and implement your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, you get an experienced, certified team of experts in business, technology, and vertical industries, and a history of success. With tested and proven business analysis, project management, implementation, and upgrade methodologies, we are committed to collaborating with you to meet your objectives now and down the road.

MS Navision Services

Upgrade Dynamics NAV

With the largest dedicated Microsoft Dynamics NAV upgrade team, our reputation for smooth, successful upgrades is known throughout the NAV community.

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the best possible investments you can make in your business. In addition to the advantages provided by new features, platform, and fixes to previous versions, an upgrade allows you to take full advantage of breakthrough new innovations in technical and functional aspects of the software, including:

  • Deployment Options (Web, Mobile, and SharePoint clients, etc.)
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Secure Webservice Calls
  • Banking Integration
  • Office 365 Integration

Customize Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV team can help you capitalize on the flexibility and power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by tailoring it to meet your unique business requirements.

Business Analysis

Business experts can help you map your current systems and process to your company’s short- and long-term goals with a thorough business analysis.

Project Management

  • We have a unique approach to project management and it works. Let’s work together to get Dynamics NAV project completed on time and within budget.
  • The adaptive framework is built around the reality of project implementation regardless of how carefully you plan or how airtight the approach is, a project plan cannot account for every unanticipated event and requirements will change all over the lifecycle of projects because business and markets change.


  • Regardless of your challenge, we have industry, technical, and business experts that can help you address them quickly and effectively.
  • Our process kicks off with a Business Analysis so we can design and develop an appropriate solution and accurately estimate price, scope, and timeline. However, as we’ve managed over hundreds of customization projects since from past decade, we have learned that important factors that are involved in every single time, and we have taken these factors into serious consideration in our consulting process.
  • No matter how good a project is planned, there will be mid-project refinements and changes to priorities. With a commitment to planning, detail, and flexibility, these changes can be minimized, but they will happen as we move through the project.
  • The simple fact is that each and every ERP implementation effort must be unique, so if your goal is to have a solution that meets your unique needs, you cannot take a one size fits all approach. MS Dynamics NAV has the agility to meet your unique needs. With that unique power, we feel it is even more essential to have a thorough, thoughtful plan.

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