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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Updates

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Updates

Empower your sales team with the insights they need to close more deals, faster. With the digital intelligence and productivity tools provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Updates, your sales team can better understand their customers. This leads to heightened customer experience and personal attention that fosters lasting relationships and strengthens pipeline development.

Dynamics 365 for Sales gives your team social insights, up-to-date company information, and an embedded sales process help your salespeople target the right leads, contacts, and opportunities in their pipeline.

This targeted information and rich customer profiling enables salespeople to engage in meaningful conversations. Contextual insights help to close more deals, faster.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Updates

1. Simplified Sales Navigator Installation

Microsoft Relationship Sales brings together capabilities from Dynamics 365 for Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It gives sales reps easy access to up-to-date customer insights from LinkedIn.

Installing and configuring the integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator will now be easier. The two existing packages will be merged into one, and the integration will be made available out of the box. Just a simple toggle in the administration settings is all that’s needed to start leveraging Sales Navigator together with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

2. Robust Customer Insights from More Data Providers

Enrich your customer data using multiple third-party data providers in your geography, business, and industry. Sales organizations will now have the choice of selecting from multiple third-party data providers in addition to InsideView and Versium to augment customer data.

Customers will have a seamless in-app experience for provisioning selected third-party content with try-and-buy experiences. As a customizer or sales manager, a user will be able to select the third-party data provider to enable customer insights for their organizations.

3. Microsoft Teams Integration

Today’s sales process often requires sales reps to collaborate across departments when working on a sales opportunity. The Dynamics 365 app for Microsoft Teams enables sales reps to collaborate more effectively using Microsoft Teams.

The Dynamics 365 app for Microsoft Teams enables a sales team to easily work with Dynamics 365 customer information and share files directly from Microsoft Teams.

4. Seamless Configure Price Quote Integrated Experience

Delight your customers with fast turnaround times to consistently and accurately configure price and quote by leveraging Dynamics 365 for Sales integration with partner Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions.

Dynamics 365 for Sales partners with the best CPQ solution providers to deliver deep product integration with D365 for Sales. Customers can easily discover and install partner solutions to enable salespersons to quickly identify the right configuration of products that fit their customers needs and rapidly create accurate quotes and contracts with the right pricing, considering all the variable factors including discounts.

5. Simplified First-run Experience to Get Started with Sales Professional

The Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional application now provides a simple setup and configuration experience to enable sales teams to be productive from the first day.

Sales managers and administrators can quickly configure the Sales Professional application, integrate with Microsoft Office applications, and bring their data to get started.

6. Predict Revenue Accurately and Make Informed Decisions with Manual Sales Forecasting

Forecasting helps users in situations where external checks and adjustments need to be accounted for. It’s also a great way for small and midsize organizations to adopt the forecasting process before stepping up to predictive forecasting.

With sales forecasting, sales teams will be able to specify forecast categories for each opportunity and further leverage the information to create or update forecasts manually within the application.

Locus IT‘s Dynamics 365 for Sales services helps businesses manage their opportunities more effectively and obtain clear insights that will improve performance. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and how it can help your business, please contact us.

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