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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Updates

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Updates

This article explains about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Updates. MS Dynamics 365 for Marketing lets you automate much of the marketing process so that you can focus on crafting the right message and targeting the right people.

Microsoft D365 for Marketing is a cloud based marketing application that helps manage and guide the customer along their journey through the sales funnel from the first contact through to close.

The D365 Marketing solution provides broad marketing capabilities to help professional services organizations to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Updates

1. Extensibility for Campaigns and Segments

This release provides a rich set of APIs for customer journeys and segments. These APIs provide key integration points for external services integration and can easily connect with Microsoft tools like Flow.

Customers and partners can use these abilities to extend the marketing app, address self-service and lightweight usage scenarios (such as automating repetitive processes) and enable complex scenarios (such as triggering from external systems).

2. Integration with Content Management Systems

Marketing campaigns need good content with consistent branding, so most organizations already use a content management system (CMS) to help manage and host their online content.

With this release, Dynamics 365 for Marketing can seamlessly integrate with any third-party content management system while still providing the same level of capabilities and insights.

3. Easy On-boarding

The on-boarding experience is now being overhauled so that new customers can sign up quickly and new users can easily get started on their marketing tasks. Key improvements include:

  • The new get started dashboard prominently calls out key marketing tasks like building a campaign and using insights.
  • Guided tasks provide step-by-step guidance for many scenarios and a context-sensitive help pane.
  • Simplified trial sign-up now enables customers to sign up for a trial in just a few steps.

4. Lifecycle Enhancements and Deeper Insights

Many entities, such as email messages, travel through a lifecycle that takes them, for example, from draft, to live, back to edit, and then live again. The lifecycle management is improved throughout the app to provide a more intuitive and consistent experience across all the phases of a campaign whether you are drafting an email, crafting a segment, going live with a journey, managing events, or editing a lead scoring model.

5. Sales Integration Enhancements

Enabled salespeople to add contacts to running journeys or specific segments. Dynamics 365 for Sales users could already review some Dynamics 365 for Marketing information through the marketing calendar and contact insights and now they can influence it, with just a few clicks.

6. Social Posting

Create social content for multiple channels and schedule social posts to hit the web in sync with your overall campaign. This lets you synchronize audience communication across channels using a single platform.

7. Enhanced Event Registration Experience

The event registration experience is crucial for marketers because it contributes to prospects early impressions of the related brands or products. Any inefficiencies can result in a potential loss of leads.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing claims to be an all encompassing marketing application. Its functionality is sufficient to conduct multichannel marketing activities, personalize communication with customers, evaluate and continuously improve marketing performance. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Updates, please contact us.

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