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Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Platform Update 27

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Platform Update 27

This article describes features that are new or changed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Platform Update 27. This version has a build number of 7.0.5286.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations not only delivers quick out-of-the box solutions to your most urgent challenges, it also gives you dozens of tools for long term profitability and stability.

As a leading enterprise technology, its functionalities allow you to operate with complete insight into your projects, supply chains and financials so you evolve into an active, rather than a reactive business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Platform Update 27 Features

1. Feature Management

The Feature management experience provides a workspace where you can view, enable, disable, and schedule features that have been delivered in each release. By default, new features are turned off. You can use the workspace to turn them on and view the documentation for them.

2. Dedicated Capacity to Process Business Events

It will be no longer required to schedule the business event processing batch job to process business events. Dedicated threads are allocated to process business events by the system, which ensures faster processing of business events.

The existing batch job is still available (but is not needed to run unless there are issues with dedicated capacity). If the batch job was already scheduled prior to this platform update, the batch will become ineffective and dedicated threads will take over after the update.

3. Cancel a Running Batch Job

It can take a long time to cancel a batch job if the job has tasks that are currently executing. The abort option provides a system administrator or batch job manager with the ability to cancel already executing tasks for jobs if the jobs are canceled. This provides a much faster mechanism to cancel a long running job that might impact system usage in other places.

4. Extensibility Enhancements

There are two enhancements detailed, with the highlight being that View extensions can now change label and help text values. Platform update 27 enhanced extensibility capabilities:

  • Add support for validtimestate in find and search SysDa queries. (Ref# 306796 and 310000).
  • Enable change of label and help text properties in a View extension. (Ref# 242311).

A lot of progress was made on workflow extensibility capabilities. Those didn’t quite make Platform update 27, but will make an appearance in the near future. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Platform Update 27, please contact us.

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