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Locus IT Employee Reviews

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Locus IT Employee Reviews

Here are some Locus IT Employee Reviews that has been listed down. Locus IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is an independent IT consulting firm based in the Bangalore, India that provides project management, software development, packaged software, and systems integration services to a variety of organizations both large and mid-sized industries.

At Locus IT we believe that the success of your ERP software solution. Our main focus is to ease our client into a long-term relationship with a business and execution model.

Locus IT Employee Reviews

Deepankar Mukherjee | Lead Consultant | Accenture

I have started my career in Locus IT as trainee consultant for Microsoft Dynamics AX practice. To be honest I had my tough days for the initial 6 months but later I started enjoying my work. The association lasted for close to 3 years. There is no alternate to success and I knew this before too. I have experienced this with Locus IT and I am here in Accenture now.

Sandeep Bhat | Lead Consultant | Price Water Coopers

Working with Locus IT has been an exhilarating experience but also one of the best decisions I have made in my life till now. I had close to 3 years of experience in accounts when I started to work on Microsoft Dynamics here.

My 4 years @Locus has taught me about leadership, owning up to the tasks and has given me a very good project experience in AX as well as NAV. I have developed a keen business sense which has helped me bag a very good lead role.

Amit Kumar | Partner Support | Microsoft

Thanks a ton to Locus IT and that’s what I would like to begin with. I realized what I am after joining Locus IT. I was carrying 2 years of experience with another Dynamics Partner when I joined here.

The trainees at Locus was so strong in the subject and I had my testing period. The best way to survive in job is to learn whether it is from your juniors or seniors. I did exactly same and believe me I am still supporting some of queries I receive from the juniors @ Locus IT.

Chief Technology Officer | Samsung Electronics

The straight forward and customer centric approach of the Locus IT team has helped us in adding many valuable customizations in our Microsoft Dynamics AX applications, which helped us transform the global operations. I would say they are the right partners for the Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations.

Current Employee | Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

I would always recommend to join Locus IT Services Pvt. Ltd. to whoever looking or reading this they are out for a bright future in ERP. Locus IT is a wonderful platform to learn Microsoft Dynamics and other related ERP tools.

I think Locus IT’s platform is great to improve communication efficiency, and customer service. It has a lot to offer to people with much exposure. The company culture is great. Many opportunities to be promoted within and recognized for your achievements and hard work.

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