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Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 16

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Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 16

This article explains about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 16 with Build number 29745. The Dynamics NAV ERP system includes everything from your financials to your supply chain to manufacturing and more.

The solution fulfills a whole range of your needs and cover a wide range of internal business areas, which are internal to your business.Microsoft’s business solutions helps your company using digital and data-driven through a wide variety of applications ranging from intelligent systems to predictive analysis tools and machine learning.

Dynamics NAV 2018 Cumulative Update 16 Platform Hotfixes

 ID           Title
281458           The Windows client displays a red X symbol without any error message.
286307           The filters do not display correct captions when you use the CaptionClass functionality.
293348           The Print all option results in double & characters in the title of the resultant page in Word or Excel.
293971           A lookup window closes unexpectedly when you enter a value in a Filter-As-You-Type field.
294911           If you print a sales invoice twice, the Posted Sales Invoice Card page moves to the background unexpectedly.
297640           The SOAP requests do not respect the PublicSOAPBaseUrl setting when port forwarding is used.
298393           New server settings disable hints in SQL queries.
298493           Printing more than 99 copies is not allowed using the simplified printer dialog.
299521           The Lookup trigger for numerous fields throws a validation error.
299552           The client crashes if the table has a deactivated BLOB field and the change log is enabled.
300767           The client crashes on a 4K monitor.
301429           The client crashes if a negative value is entered in a Duration field bound to a page.
301772           The WSDL generated for a Web service contains a DELETE operation.
301980           An imported item picture is displayed incorrectly.
302311           Non-visible characters of GS group separator from standard pharmaceutical barcode cannot be entered manually.
302783           The Web client crashes on the Create Inventory Put-away/Pick action from a released transfer order.
302825           The Edit function does not work on some of the pages.
302827           The given key was not present in the dictionary error message in the New NAVCrmTable cmdlet
303142           The Created Date field on the My Notifications page displays 1 day before the date.
303977           The Outlook Office Add-In Business Inbox does not work with Microsoft Outlook 2016 on-premises.
299589           An Excel sheet (.xlsm) cannot run a macro when it is called via automation from C/AL code.
300609           The Type field is not working as expected when it is used with extensions.
305062           The time zone is incorrect in RDLC reports.
305197           The task scheduler does not run all the tasks when the number of concurrent tasks is set to 1.


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