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D365 for Finance and Operations Platform Update 26

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D365 for Finance and Operations Platform Update 26

This article describes features that are new or changed in D365 for Finance and Operations Platform Update 26. This version has a build number of 7.0.5257.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for future focused companies to unify their daily project and financial activities into a common, secure and easy-to-use database. It is an important strategic investment enabling your business to reach its ambitious commercial and operational goals.

D365 for Finance and Operations Platform Update 26 Features

1. Business Events Generally Available

Business events are now generally available. This means that business events are out of preview and are available by default, without having to enable the flight.

2. 1:N Support for Microsoft Flow to Subscribe to Business Events

Multiple Flow apps can subscribe to the same business event in the same legal entity. The Business events in Microsoft Flow can be leveraged for tasks such as sending notifications and triggering approval flows.

3. Workflow Business Events

The Workflow business events are a particularly good target for triggering approval flows. The Workflow work item event can be used in conjunction with the validate and complete OData actions to facilitate completion of a work item in Flow.

4. Business Events are Idempotent

Business events are idempotent. This means that the payload of a business event has a unique and ever increasing number called the ControlNumber.

This control number can be used by consumers to apply duplicate detection logic and out of order delivery detection logic to ensure robust processing of events.

5. Azure Data Lake Integration – CDM Folder and Model Improvements

Entity store in Azure Data Lake is available as public preview with Platform update 25. In PU (Platform Update) 26, there are enhancements to the folder structure to allow multiple environments to utilize the same storage account.

We have also included additional properties in the model, including relationships between entities. This will enable relationships in the model to appear in the Power BI dataset with the features introduced by PowerBI.com.

6. Feature Callouts

New features are regularly being developed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. While documentation is helpful for describing the new features, raising awareness of these new capabilities to users directly in the product when they are encountered is powerful.

To this end, Feature callouts are available in Platform update 26 to point out a new capability to a user and optionally provide a hyperlink for the user to learn more about the feature. For more information on D365 for Finance and Operations Platform Update 26, please contact us.

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