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TIBCO Spotfire Mobile BI (Business Intelligence)

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TIBCO Spotfire Mobile BI (Business Intelligence)

This article explains about TIBCO Spotfire Mobile BI, getting started with TIBCO Spotfire Mobile Metrics begins by uploading data via the Data Sources option on the Web backend. TIBCO Spotfire Mobile Metrics allows you to add comments to the KPIs that follow directly from the mobile app.

Mobile Business Intelligence is helping democratize the corporate back end data for the corporate executives, sales teams and even the board members who need real time access to back end corporate data using a mobile device. The TIBCO Spotfire mobile app taps into a Software as a Service or on-premise backend.

While so much of the hardware focus on mobile BI has been the iPad with its luscious retina display, TIBCO Spotfire has made the prudent move to launch mobile apps for:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile

Adapting TIBCO Spotfire Mobile Workforce Technology

In addition to providing all the users, the power of “analytics publishers,” enterprises can benefit from extending Spotfire to their mobile users. This increases the relevance for social BI solutions. Integration with iPad and other mobile devices is also important with the increasing mobile workforce.


In this online world, collaboration is more important. Collaborating effectively is a major driver for businesses looking to make the most of disparate teams. TIBCO Spotfire adds to the effectiveness by helping mobile executives and business user consolidate data sources and visually interact with and analyze data to answer critical business questions.

Release Highlights

Spotfire’s Web Player 3.2.1 allows users:

  • Access to dashboards anywhere, by touch

The users get a new visual view of the charts, graphs and tables with ever swipe, pinch or tap on the iPad screen.

  • On-the-run analysis

Whether the users are running a predictive analytic application or simply visualizing a trend in data, they have the power of building visualizations and interacting with data on-the-go.

  • Knowledge sharing, location unimportant

TIBCO Spotfire users can now upload and share the user generated visual and the interactive dashboards and templates instantly on the iPad tablet with a community of like-minded users.

TIBCO Spotfire users can also self-publish these fully functional examples by uploading them to Spotfire’s public Web server and then alerting friends and followers through popular social media sites.

TIBCO Spotfire for Android

  • Visual Analytics

TIBCO Spotfire for Android lets you visualize, mark, filter, share your findings with the intuitive touch gestures such as swiping left and right to navigate between pages in your analysis and long press to use lasso marking. When you discover something interesting in your data, you can share it right away through email, SMS, or your communication channel of choice.

  • Browsing available analyses

TIBCO Spotfire for Android helps you manage your favorite analyses and the server connections in a smooth, touch-friendly library navigator.

  • Use your location when analyzing the data

TIBCO Spotfire for Android allows you to use the device GPS to filter to the data closest to your location, computing distances, or using your location in any way that makes sense in your analysis.

  • Use the camera as QR/barcode scanner

Utilizing the device’s camera, it’s possible to read QR or bar codes and use the information in your analysis. This enables, for Eg: scanning the barcode of an item in a store and seeing related information about it such as inventory level, and order and delivery information.

Highlights Include

  • Touch-Enabled Dashboards – Right in Your Hand

TIBCO Spotfire now gives users a powerful, intuitive and interactive Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) experience.

  • Powerful Analysis – On the Run

With TIBCO Spotfire, users of the iPad tablet can access important information where and when they need it – whether running a predictive analytic application or simply visualizing trends in data.

  • Knowledge-Sharing – In a Mobile Environment

With one click, TIBCO Spotfire users can now upload and share user-generated visual and interactive dashboards and templates instantly on the iPad tablet with a community of like-minded users.

Locus IT has a diverse knowledge of Mobile BI and provides Mobile BI services like Mobile BI implementation, training and support. If you are interested in learning more about TIBCO Spotfire’s mobile capabilities please contact us.

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