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SAP Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) Report

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SAP Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) Report

This article provides you step-by-step instructions on how to design various SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) documents to effectively view and work with them on an iOS device. Each Mobile BI Report that you build demonstrates how to use the powerful reporting features in SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application for iOS.

This article aims to assist the Business Intelligence document or report designers who:

  • Design SAP Business Intelligence documents optimized for the mobile device, and enable them for viewing on the mobile devices.
  • Manage the layout, accessibility and the security of BI documents

The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile solution allows mobile users to access the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) content and data visualizations to make faster and more informed decisions; on the move. This solution contains three essential components:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile client
  • BusinessObjects Mobile server
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) platform server

Besides the above mentioned mandatory components, you may have the following optional elements for enhanced security in your landscape:

  • A reverse proxy server
  • A Sybase Unwired Platform server

SAP BO Mobile Application

The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application for iOS enables you to access multiple SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) content types using your iOS mobile device.

This is a single app supported on both iPhone device and iPad device, suited to running ad hoc query reporting and analysis. Using SAP Business Objects Mobile for iOS, you can:

  • Create connections to the SAP Business Objects BI platform server
  • Access the various SAP Business Intelligence documents and analytics content types available on the server.
  • Search, view and download the documents on your iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Obtain notifications, refresh the documents, bookmark documents, filter document data, drill on document data, view document information in sections, and effectively collaborate with other business users for informed decision-making.

The SAP Business Objects Mobile for iOS application supports the following SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) content types:

  • SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Hyperlink objects
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
  • SAP Business Objects Analysis Applications
  • BusinessObjects Explorer information spaces/exploration views
  • SAP Lumira, server for BI Platform
  • PDF documents

SAP Mobile Business Intelligence Crystal Reports

Listed below are few key features of Crystal Reports and interactive Crystal Reports that work on mobile devices:

1. Capabilities

Crystal Report provides support for following capabilities on mobile devices:

  • Filters
  • Prompts
  • Groups
  • Displaying data based on formulas
  • Conditional formatting
  • Graphs in reports to communicate the information visually and effectively

2. Data source

The data for Crystal Reports can be from virtually any data source.

3. Designing the Crystal Reports

The Crystal Reports format on an iOS device is optimized for the printer output, not the form factor of the device. If you design your report to be usable when exported to PDF, then it will also be usable on a mobile device. The Crystal Reports is designed in such a way that it works with your database to help you analyze and interpret the important information.

SAP Crystal Reports makes it easy to create simple reports and also has the comprehensive tools you need to produce the complex or specialized reports. SAP Crystal Reports is designed to produce the report you want from virtually any data source.

Formulas, cross-tabs, sub-reports and conditional formatting help make sense of the data and uncover important relationships that might otherwise be hidden.

The flexibility of Crystal Reports doesn’t end with creating reports — your reports can be published in a variety of formats including Microsoft Word and Excel, E-mail, and even over the Web. Advanced Web reporting allows other members of your work-group view and update shared reports inside their web browser.

4. Incorporate reports into applications

Application and web developers can save time and meet their users needs by integrating the Mobile BI Report processing power of Crystal Reports into their database applications. Support for most popular development languages makes it easy to add the reporting to any application.

Whether it’s the web master in IT or the promotion manager in marketing or the database administrator in finance or the CEO, SAP Crystal Reports is a powerful tool designed to help everyone analyze and interpret the information that is important to them.

Locus IT provides Mobile BI Report services using SAP BusinessObjects including training, implementation and support. For more information please contact us.

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