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SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI

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SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI (Business Intelligence) enables users to access the same analytics and data they would find on a PC based solution through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. The primary benefits of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI, which make it an attractive proposition are:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Accelerated time-to-decision
  • Deepening customer engagement
  • Streamlined workflow processes

BYOD (Bring your own device) policies are becoming more popular with organisations for two main reasons. Firstly, BYOD can reduce the cost of IT. With BYOD the employee is responsible for purchasing and maintaining the devices used. The IT department’s responsibilities are then limited to ensuring that the employee’s devices can access the network and the tools they need.

Secondly, it allows the employees to choose the tools that suit them best and that they are most comfortable using. This results in higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

SAP provides a single application for accessing BI content in a mobile device. SAP Business Objects BI Mobile version 5.0 is available for iOS and Android devices but with different levels of functionality.

Overview of BusinessObjects Tools

  • SAP BusinessObject Web Intelligence

SAP Business Objects BI is an ad hoc query, reporting and analysis tool which can bring in data from a wide variety of sources. The intuitive interface allows users to quickly and easily create reports which provide detailed analysis and insight into their information.

  • Crystal Reports

It is the tool for creating highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports that are clear and customisable. Crystal reports can source data from almost any data source.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

The SAP Business Objects BI dashboard can be used to create clear and compelling dashboards that show your key performance indicators at a glance.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

It is an MS Office and/ or Web based OLAP tool. SAP Business Objects BI provides a powerful analysis tool which allows users to filter, drill down and navigate through data sets stored in SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) or HANA.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

It is the reporting tool for creating web applications and dashboards based upon data residing in SAP BW and HANA.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

It is a cloud and desktop based tool which is aimed at business analysts. It enables them to take one or more data sets from a variety of sources, combine them together and analyse them.

Benefits of SAP Mobile BI

  • Access BI any time, any where – The obvious benefit of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI is that it provides your employees with the access to the critical information they need to make decisions at time and place convenient to them.
  • Increased user adoption – The other benefit of SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI is that it can increase the adoption rate of BI by giving greater access to existing users and open it up to new information consumers.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI can help employees in any situation where having immediate access to information can aid making quick and accurate decisions.
  • SAP Mobile BI can provide alerts to maintenance engineers so that they are made aware of potential problems as soon as they arise and can respond to them before they become critical.


It is the first reporting tool to be mobile enabled and reports can be viewed using the SAP Business Objects BI Mobile app. Existing WEBI reports can be made available to the mobile app by simply saving them in a mobile category.

WEBI reports viewed in the mobile app will not appear as they do in the desktop version. The app takes the objects configured in the report and determines a suitable layout for them based on the number of objects and their size. The format of the objects is also determined by the app and ignores any customization made in the WEBI tool.

  • Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports content is also enabled for SAP Mobile BI. The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile app currently supports the downloading and viewing of Crystal Reports in a PDF document plus refreshing the data in the reports. Crystal reporting objects are mobile enabled in the same way as WEBI by saving to the mobile category.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Creating a SAP Mobile BI dashboard is simple, when generating the dashboard there is an option to save it to the SAP Mobile BI platform as a mobile only, desktop and mobile, or desktop only dashboard.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

It has been designed with the mobile use case in mind and all content created in this tool can be made available to mobile devices. As with dashboards, when saving a design studio object you must select whether or not you want to make it available to mobile devices.

  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

Content exposed as analysis views can be published to a mobile device via the design studio application. This mobile app can be used to access all the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer content and the look and feel of it is identical to that which you would find on a desktop. Once data set has been created for use in Explorer it is automatically available in both the mobile and desktop versions.

Locus IT is provides Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management solutions. We work with large or mid-size organisations who want to make full and effective use of SAP within their business and engage with clients in a range of performance management areas, including: forecasting, planning, reporting, analytics, data warehousing, dashboards and scorecards. For more information please contact us.

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