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Report Commenting for Power BI

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Report Commenting for Power BI

With Report Commenting for Power BI, you can directly add comments to report pages or specific visuals to discuss your data. The best part is that when you initiate a new conversation, MS Power BI will do all the hard work to automatically bookmark your report view, so others reading the comment can notice the report exactly as you did when writing the comment, complete with your original filters.

Report commenting is also tightly integrated with mobile, making it easy for you to keep up with your conversations on the go. When you @mention others in your comment, Power BI will immediately send a push notification to their mobile device to grab their attention.

Report Commenting for Power BI Features

1. Start a Conversation

  • To get started, simply navigate to any report you have view or edit permissions to. From there, click the new “Comments” button in the top action bar. It will open the comment pane.
  • If there are any existing comments for your report, you will see them already populated in the pane. You can reply to an ongoing conversation or initiate a new one!
  • The entry point is also in the action bar in the mobile app. When you open a report, you will notice the comment icon in the bottom action bar. This icon allows you to open the Comments pane.

Identical to dashboards, there are two levels of comments that you can have on a report

  • Report-page level – A comment that generally pertains to the report page and doesn’t bring attention to a single visual.
  • Visual level – A comment that is tied to a single visual on a report.

2. Comment on Specific Visuals

You can also comment on a specific visual on the report by clicking on the ellipses and clicking on the “Add a comment” from the drop-down. Selecting this will automatically make your comment to be tied to that visual.

You will also notice that filter the comments within the page for that visual. At any point, the you can return to all the comments on the report page by hitting the “All comments” button on the top left.

3. @Mention Key Players

Lastly, if you’re making comments on the report and want someone else in your organization to know about it, you can @mention individuals to grab their attention.

The @mentioned individuals will immediately receive an e-mail in their inbox, and if they are using a Power BI Mobile app, they will receive a push notification on their device alerting of the conversation. They can open the comment directly from the notification, view the data, and reply accordingly.

Power BI is a best-in-class cloud based business analytics service that visualizes your business data securely and in real-time. It will help you find relevant answers to business critical questions. For more information on Locus IT‘s Power BI services, please contact us.

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