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QlikView Mobile BI Technology

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QlikView Mobile BI Technology

QlikView Mobile BI Technology is the Business Intelligence solutions mainly developed for industries. It features a compelling user interface by the power of QlikView Server to deliver unprecedented freedom to mobile workforces. Users can jump easily in and become instantly productive.

Users can get a complete QlikView Business Discovery experience, including rich visualization, interactive analysis, and The Associative Experience.

QlikView delivers live data from any resources, specific to your needs, anywhere and anytime decisions are made. As the only right Business Discovery solution on mobile, QlikView offers the self-service, flexible experience users seek, while providing IT the security and manageability it requires, whether on a tablet, desktop, smartphone, or through the QlikView for iOS application.

QlikView Mobile BI Technology Advantages

  • QlikView take account ideas, opinions, experiences, and perspectives of others.
  • QlikView offers compelling visualizations, rich layouts along with a full set of touch interactions through the mobile browser including the momentum based scrolling, search, selection in list boxes, tables, charts or graphs, and object interactivity such as cycling through graphs, charts, and sheets.
  • By taking advantage of HTML5 technology the applications are automatically delivered with touch capabilities such as momentum-based scrolling, selection in charts and graphs, and multi-select.
  • QlikView also supports device features like adjusting for screen orientation, pinch to zoom, and bookmarking QlikView apps for full-screen mode access from the home screen, resulting in a user experience on par with native apps.

QlikView on Mobile

  • Takes full advantage of large touchscreens on tablets. Tablets offers an unique vehicle to deliver true Business Discovery applications on the go.
  • Tablets are portable and yet have rich for large displays and enough processing power to satisfy the requirements of demanding business users.
  • Delivers apps in smaller chunks for use on smartphones. For compact screen devices such as the Android and iPhone, single object display mode delivers a more intuitive user experience without the need for developers to rebuild apps.

Access to Complete Live Data

  • QlikView gives analysis and search across a complete set of live information. QlikView rapidly combines data from any number of resources, providing the quickest way to gain insight into your business across functions and data silos.
  • With QlikView, there are no limited previews of information or pre-calculated values, allowing for a virtually unlimited number of questions and follow-up questions to be asked.

One QlikView for any Device

With QlikView, the same applications are delivered with the same functionality on any type of platform. This allows users to give more advantage from a completely consistent experience across devices, whether laptops, desktops, tablets, or handhelds. The power of the platform is anywhere and allowing for value to be generated anytime.

Manageable and Secure

  • QlikView on Mobile leverages QlikView’s enterprise-proven server architecture. It gives organizations a unique combination of flexible control at the center and flexibility at the edges. Because security and management are server-side capabilities in QlikView, the same access to apps and data entitlements apply regardless of the device used.
  • Developers benefit from a ‘build once deploy anywhere’ approach that releases the burden associated with maintaining multiple versions of applications for specific devices.

QlikView for IOS App

  • The QlikView for iOS iPhone and iPad app, available in the Apple App Store, complements QlikView on Mobile browser-based access.
  • The app provides a typical user experience for QlikView AccessPoint, while extending and enhancing QlikView’s universal HTML5 approach for analytics applications.
  • Users get all the power and flexibility of QlikView Business Discovery when it is connected to mobile, and can take advantage of a new disconnected mode for offline access. There are no extra costs, because the application is a free download and works with any QlikView 11 server license.

Locus IT has a diverse knowledge of QlikView Mobile BI and provides QlikView Mobile BI services like QlikView Mobile Customization, QlikView Mobile BI Training and QlikView Mobile BI Support. If you are interested in learning more about QlikView mobile capabilities please contact us.

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